ZSL Scientific Awards winners announced

ZSL recognises outstanding achievements in conservation and zoological research through its annual presentation of awards and prizes.  The 2013 awards were presented at our awards ceremony on 17 June 2014.  The citations for award winners can be found here: PDF icon ZSL Award Citations (118.38 KB)

Michael-Akam being presented the Frink-Medal

ZSL Frink Medal

Presented to a professional scientist for substantial and original contributions to zoology.  Awarded to Michael Akam FRS, Head of the Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge, for advancing our understanding of evolutionary developmental biology


ZSL Scientific Medal

Presented to research scientists with no more than 15 years postdoctoral experience for distinguished work in zoology. Awarded to:

Iain Couzin_Scientific Medal

Iain Couzin, Princeton University, for outstanding research on collective behaviour and the structural dynamics of animal groups

David Hosken_Scientific Medal

David Hosken, University of Exeter, for exceptional contributions to our understanding of sperm competition and evolution

Judith Mank Scientific Medal

Judith Mank, University College London, for distinguished research on evolutionary genetics, gene function and gene expression


Tim Birkhead_Silver Medal

ZSL Silver Medal

Awarded to Tim Birkhead FRS, for significant contributions to our understanding and appreciation of bird ecology and sexual selection, and for his outstanding science writing and public engagement


David Mallon_Stamford Raffles Award

ZSL Stamford Raffles Award

Awarded to David Mallon, for significant contributions to antelope conservation


Debbie Pain_Marsh Award for Consevation Biology

Marsh Award for Conservation Biology

For contributions of fundamental science and its application to the conservation of animal species and habitats. Awarded to Debbie Pain, Director of Conservation at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, for outstanding contributions to the conservation of birds


David Bilton Marsh Award for Marine and Freshwater Conservation

Marsh Award for Marine and Freshwater Conservation

For contributions of fundamental science and its application to conservation in marine and/or freshwater ecosystems. Awarded to David Bilton, Plymouth University, for significant research on the ecology and conservation biology of aquatic invertebrates


George Monbiot Thomson Reuters Zoological Record Award

Thomson Reuters Zoological Record Award

Presented for the public communication of zoology.  Awarded to George Monbiot for his engaging and important book Feral: searching for enchantment on the frontiers of rewilding


Helen Leggett_Thomas Henry Huxley Award

ZSL Thomas Henry Huxley Prize and Marsh Award

Presented for the best zoological doctoral thesis produced in the UK.  Awarded to Helen Leggett, University of Oxford, for her thesis Developments in social evolution and virulence in parasites


Mark Sherz Charles Darwin Award

ZSL Charles Darwin Award and Marsh Prize

Presented for the best zoological project by an undergraduate student attending a university in the UK. Awarded to Mark Scherz, for his project The paraphyly of ratites just doesn’t fly


Carly Brown_Prince Philip Award

ZSL Prince Philip Award and Marsh Prize

Awarded to an A-Level (or Higher) student for the best zoological project involving some aspect of animal biology.  Presented to Carly Brown, Taunton School, for her project Can the common garden snail see in colour?


Kristin Vehrs_ZSL Award for Outstanding Contributions

ZSL Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Zoo Community

Awarded to Kristin Vehrs, Executive Director of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)


Ken Sims_ZSL Honorary Fellow

ZSL Honorary Fellowship

Awarded to persons who, by their association with the Society, have promoted the objectives of the Society.  Awarded to: Ken Sims, Director of Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens


Andrew Cunningham_ZSL Staff Medal

ZSL Staff Medal

Presented for outstanding service/contributions to ZSL.  Awarded to Andrew Cunningham, for outstanding contributions to wildlife epidemiology


ZSL would like to thank the Marsh Christian Trust and Thomson Reuters for their generous support of the Society’s awards programme.


ZSL Scientific Award  group shot