ZSL Fellowship pricing and eligibility

ZSL Fellowship pricing and eligibility

Application for Fellowship is open to those over the age of 18 who can demonstrate:

  • An interest, or involvement in the fields of zoology, biology or a related area
  • Current studies in conservation, zoology, or a related life science or subject
  • Three or more continuous years and up to date commitment to ZSL as a Member
  • ZSL volunteering, past and present, or former ZSL Employment

To apply for ZSL Fellowship, you will need to enclose your application (at least 250 words). Student Fellows and those Student wishing to apply for concession Fellowship will also need to provide a copy of their supporting course documentation. You will receive your Fellowship welcome immediately, however your application will be reviewed by ZSL Council for final approval.


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Please note that all applications for Fellowship are subject to the receipt of supporting documentation and final approval by ZSL Council. 

Pricing from 1 January 2022

Without Zoo Access

Fellow                                                                   £48


With Zoo access

Adult Fellow £159
Concession Fellow * £143
Graduate Fellow (within three years of completing studies) £78
Student Fellow £52

If you were a Fellow with a concession discount prior to 2018, you are still eligible for a much-discounted rate of £96 from 1 January 2022.


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Please contact Supporter Services on 0344 225 1826 or at fellowship@zsl.org with any questions about ZSL's Fellowship programme.  If you would like to support ZSL in a different way, please visit our Support ZSL page.