Empowering the private sector to tackle deforestation and biodiversity loss with science-based solutions and expert teams

As pioneers in science-based biodiversity assessment and improvement, we support organisations to address deforestation and biodiversity loss by collaborating with commercial entities, financial institutions, NGOs, and governments.

Our teams, composed of environmental scientists, finance and business professionals, sustainability experts, field researchers, and data analysts, are dedicated to upholding the highest standards. These standards are underscored by the excellent ratings received by our Institute of Zoology; 88.5% of its research outputs and 90.9% of its impacts have been rated as 'world leading' or 'internationally excellent'.

Utilising our industry expertise, we tailor our approach to your sustainability needs and capacity.

ZSL Advisory Services for Financial Institutions

 ZSL Advisory Services for Businesses

Advisory services and training:

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Policy and procedures
Support to develop a robust suite of corporate policies and implementation procedures which address biodiversity, climate and social impacts relevant to your supply chains.

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Capacity building
Training on national and international environmental legislation as well as voluntary sustainability schemes and sector-specific best practice.

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Due diligence and responsible sourcing systems
Assistance to implement robust and comprehensive risk-based due diligence systems as well as responsible sourcing systems aimed at enhancing positive impacts of soft commodity sourcing.

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Impact verification
Targeted remote sensing and field assessment by our team, working with in-country specialists to help verify compliance with legislation and your corporate policy requirements.

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Sustainability transparency
Support to your organisation on sustainability reporting and disclosure to ensure transparency, accuracy and accountability designed to maximise recognition of your ESG practices.

Examples of how ZSL is supporting the private sector through advisory services

Biodiversity fund stewardship support - AVIVA
ZSL is conducting deep dive biodiversity research into companies selected by Aviva Investors for their Natural Capital Transition Fund. We analyse company operations and supply chains, and review policies, targets, and mitigation actions. ZSL also helps focus Aviva’s stewardship practices by providing bespoke engagement suggestions for each company.

Conservation investment innovation - Rhino Impact Bond
Recently issued by the World Bank, the $150 million Rhino Conservation Bond was developed by ZSL, who remain as a project partner. It provides an innovative financing model for wildlife conservation that includes performance related outcome payments by the Global Environmental Facility based on investee’s success increasing the southern white rhino population.

Training on SMART monitoring – Forest Conservation Fund 
To achieve their biodiversity outcomes, Earthworm Foundation commissioned ZSL to train its investees on biodiversity monitoring tools, in a tailored program delivered to local community representatives in Indonesia.

Transparency assessments of commodity producers – SPOTT 
A flagship initiative of ZSL’s Sustainable Business and Finance team, SPOTT is a free, online platform used by financial institutions and others. ZSL assesses commodity producers, processors and traders on their public disclosure regarding their organisation, policies, and practices related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. 

Creating reporting standards – Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR) 
ZSL prepared reporting requirements for GPSNR members, providing the natural rubber industry with a comprehensive set of standards applicable to growers, processors, traders and manufacturers of tyres and automobiles, reflecting a full scope of ESG indicators.

Deforestation-risk open-access database – Forest IQ
Global Canopy and ZSL are launching a new platform in 2023 bringing together the best data available on corporate exposure to, and reporting on, deforestation and other related ESG issues. Underpinned by SPOTT, Forest 500 and Trase data this open-access platform will help financial institutions to identify portfolio risks and engagement opportunities.

Wildlife monitoring and management - SIPEF
ZSL is working closely with a major palm oil company to provide technical training and strategic guidance on wildlife monitoring and management within an ecosystem restoration concession, utilising ZSL’s expertise in both tropical commodity production and species.

Supporting sustainable business

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