We are taking a very careful approach to launching the Instant Detect 2.0 system to ensure that when it is released it will work reliably and effectively.

Since 2019, ZSL has logged tens of thousands of testing hours to find and fix bugs with the system and optimise its performance.
Starting in May 2023, ZSL will start beta testing the system with external users.

If you would be interested in beta testing the system, please fill in the webform below.
We would require beta testers to report back on the system progress, and in due course we would like to publish a report on this testing.

Disclaimer: Beta test units should still be considered as experimental, and we anticipate our beta testers having frustrations and possibly even failures when using the system. At this stage we cannot guarantee that the system will work as required. For this reason, our beta testers must not be basing the success of their work on the system and need to be cognizant that the hardware could stop working. For example, while the hardware has been designed to operate down to -20°C, it has never been tested below -10°C for any length of time and we are not clear on how it will perform in extreme cold.