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The ocean is crucial to all life on earth. But it’s facing unprecedented threats, from overfishing to climate change. By working together, we can save our ocean. 

The Island of Pitcairn and the surrounding ocean
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What is the Great Blue Ocean coalition?

As a member of the Great Blue Ocean coalition we’re working in partnership with other leading organisations to protect the marine habitats of the UK Overseas Territories. By saving our ocean, we’re protecting our future.

With 14 Overseas Territories in total, the UK is responsible for the fifth largest area of ocean in the world – 6.8 million square kilometres. That’s more than twice the size of India and nearly 30 times the size of the UK itself!  

These Territories support a great diversity of rare and threatened species and habitats found nowhere else on Earth. They’re home to endangered turtles, a third of the world’s albatrosses, a quarter of the world’s penguins and the world’s largest coral atoll. 
Many of these ecosystems are fragile and face increasing threats from illegal fishing, pollution and climate change. But it isn’t too late to protect these marine habitats. 

Protecting remarkable marine habitats

Since 2015, the Great Blue Ocean coalition has been working together with the UK Overseas Territories and the UK Government to enhance marine conservation and help to protect these ecosystems. 

We’re working to restore balance and empower a healthier future for wildlife, people and the planet.

A plastic bottle washed up on a beach

How to help us save our ocean

•    You can help us to reduce the plastic pollution entering our ocean by using a refillable water bottle. Go #OneLess today!
•    By supporting ZSL you can help us to restore ecosystems around the world. Donate today – it’s never been more important. 
•    Discover more about our work to protect marine habitats around the world and help us to raise awareness. 

Help us save our ocean

Visit the Great Blue Ocean website to find out more about our vital work and key achievements. 

Great Blue Ocean

  • Over 94% of the UK’s unique biodiversity lives in the UK Overseas Territories

  • The UK Government has committed to establishing a “Blue Belt” of over 4 million square kilometres of marine protected areas