Our four-pillar framework outlines a vision where equality, diversity, and inclusion are considered in every aspect of the Institute’s activities and functioning.

We seek to achieve this vision through actions designated in our IoZ EDI Action Plan 2022-2024.

Inclusive and diverse representation

We strive to maximise diversity in all aspects of the Institute’s work and governance structures, at all times. We actively promote the emergence of a more diverse community of conservation scientists through the learning, mentoring and work opportunities we offer.

Our accompanying actions for representation include:

  • Explicitly consider diversity in all ZSL science committees
  • Link our EDI statement to all recruitment adverts in Science
  • Diversify Science Directorate social media feeds, communication, and blogs
  • Creation of a Student EDI Forum

Transparent and equitable science

We seek to engage local scientists and local communities with our science on an equitable basis, both nationally and internationally; to support research capacity building whenever possible, and to co-develop research projects that directly benefit local scientists and communities. We endeavour to acknowledge, value and celebrate the contributions of all individuals, organisations and communities to our achievements, past and present.

Our accompanying actions for science include:

  • Create a diversity award, given to staff and students that demonstrate high level of engagement and co-design with local scientists and communities
  • Monitor how many of our publication have co-authors from the country where we work
  • Develop an EDI action plan for all ZSL-led peer reviewed journals
  • Efforts to better highlight and recognize the contributions of under-represented communities to conservation

Outreach and Engagement

We are committed to run events, meetings and other outreach activities that embrace the diversity of scientists and improve the visibility and representation of underrepresented groups in conservation.

Our accompanying actions for outreach include:

  • Encourage staff and students to engage with programs that support STEM uptake by under-represented groups
  • Develop and run an annual EDI one day event celebrating diversity in UK conservation, focusing in particular on RENO groups
  • Maximise diversity in all our scientific events

Oversight and Accountability

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee works to ensure that the Institute of Zoology provides a fair, transparent and supportive work environment for all. To this end, this Committee conducts regular audits; develops and oversees the implementation of the Institute’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion action plan; and provides recommendations to senior management. 

Our accompanying actions for accountability include:

  • Continue to push for the inclusion of all protected characteristics when identifying needs and providing for the safeguarding of students & staff while travelling on behalf of ZSL.
  • Monitor diversity among PhD & MSc students
  • Ensure that mandatory EDI training are completed by staff and students
  • Report on EDI progress

Last reviewed in April 2024.

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