ZSL's Library & Archives contains archival photographs of animals formerly at London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo.

ZSL Library's photo archive dates back to 1864. Many of the animals photographed are now extremely rare, some, such as the quagga (pictured below), are extinct. The archive also includes other graphic sources in the form of illustrations, prints and watercolours, dating from the sixteenth century onwards.

quagga black and white photograph

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Reproductions of the images are available at a fee to those who might want to use them in publications or multimedia. Please contact the library with your picture requests and details of how you wish to use the image.

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The image collections form part of the library's 'Special Collections', please look at ZSL Library Regulations for use of 'Special Collections' you wish to come in and consult any of our special collections.

Photograph of Obaysch by Frederick York, circa 1870.
Photograph of Obaysch by Frederick York, circa 1870.

Frederick William Bond photographs

Watch Ann Sylph, ZSL Librarian in this Objectivity video, Random Zoo Photos, talking about the collection of photographs by Frederick William Bond:

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