Learn all about ZSL's COP season 2022 in a series of news items and blogs from our experts. 

COP 27, followed by COP 19 in Panama in November 2022 and COP15 in Montreal in December 2022, put a much-needed spotlight on the decline in global biodiversity.

But without coordinated nature-based policies in place across the world, animals will continue to go extinct, ecosystems will continue to break down and climate change will continue to change life on earth as we know it.

It is vital that governments commit to using nature-based solutions - rooted in science from ZSL and organisations like it - to tackle the combined threats of climate change, biodiversity loss and public health crises. 

ZSL has been calling for world leaders to put nature at the heart of all global decision-making to better protect ecosystems, wildlife and the communities who rely on them. 

Read more about the 2022 COP season:

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