Donate in memory

You can make a donation to the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) in memory of a friend or relative. By donating to a cause they believed in, you will be doing something really worthwhile to celebrate their life.

Below, you will find information on ways to donate in memory of a loved one, how your donation can help and ways of commemorating your loved one at our zoos.

A close-up of a red titi monkey at ZSL London Zoo.

Ways to donate in memory of a loved one

Funeral collections

Many people make a general donation to ZSL in memory of a loved one, often in lieu of funeral flowers or from a funeral collection. To make a general donation please contact Sophie Brown (details below).

You could take part in a challenge event and run in
memory of a friend or relative. It's a wonderful way to remember
your loved one with friends and family cheering you on to the
finish line. Please ask for minimum sponsorship requirements
and entry fees.

Tribute Fund

ZSL has teamed up with Just Giving so that you can create an online Tribute Fund in memory of your loved one with donations going straight to ZSL.

You can write a personal message, add your favourite photographs and invite family and friends to donate.

Create your Just Giving Tribute Fund

How your donation can help

You can donate to ZSL as a whole, to be used wherever the need is greatest. Alternatively, if your loved one had a particular interest, you can choose to restrict your donation to a specific area of ZSL’s work:

A pair of giraffe at ZSL London Zoo

ZSL London Zoo or Whipsnade Zoo

Founded in 1847, ZSL London Zoo was the world’s first truly scientific zoo and is today home to over 750 species of animal. Whipsnade is the UK’s biggest zoo, covering an impressive site of 600 acres and home to over 2,500 animals. Here’s how your gift could help:
• £10 could pay for a new hanging basket filled with herbs as enrichment for the giraffes
• £25 could feed a gorilla fruit and vegetables for a week 
• £50 could feed our two Sumatran tigers at London Zoo for a week
• £260 could feed a slender loris for a year

ZSL Library

ZSL Library is open to the public and holds a fascinating collection of zoological books, publications, paintings and drawings. The Library is a vital resource for anyone with an interest in zoology and animal conservation.

Many of the older books and paintings require conservation and we are always keen to build up our collection by acquiring new books.

• A donation of £50 or more could buy a new book to help grow our collection.
• A donation of £250 or more could conserve an historic piece of artwork, for example one of our collection of paintings by the noted 19th century artist Joseph Wolf.

Science and Conservation

ZSL’s science and conservation work incorporates our vital conservation work in the UK and over 50 countries globally and scientific research at our Institute of Zoology. 
• £50 could pay for local field staff to work on gorilla or tiger conservation projects for a week
• £500 could supply a motion camera to monitor animal populations and behaviour
• £2,500 - provides crucial water quality monitoring for our Thames Estuary monitoring. The projects monitor and protect native populations of fish, eels, porpoises, seals and important migrant bird populations.
• £5,000 - provides a year’s salary for local field staff in Tiger Conservation. Across the year ZSL staff use our tiger monitoring programme to spot the decline of tigers and work to increase anti-poaching support and tiger protection before it’s too late.

Ways to commemorate your loved one

Bhanu the Asiatic Lion

Book of Remembrance

We have a Book of Remembrance at both ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

Donation of £50 or more

• An A5 dedication certificate will be mounted in the Book of Remembrance and will include a personalised message of up to 40 words in memory of your loved one.

Donation of £75 or more

• As well as the above, you will receive a copy of the dedication certificate for yourself to keep.

N.B. You will need to make an appointment to view the Books of Remembrance with Helen Simpkiss (details below). Book viewings do not include entry to our Zoos.

Memorial Benches

You can dedicate a bench at ZSL London Zoo or ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in memory of your loved one.

Memorial Bench – ZSL London Zoo

New bench made from 100% recycled plastic – contribution of £1,000 or more

• Refurbished or new bench
• Brass plaque engraved as you wish*
• Invitation for 2 people to visit ZSL London Zoo and see the bench
• Maintenance for 3 years
N.B. ZSL London Zoo can not guarantee that the bench will remain in one place; however it will remain on site

Memorial Bench - ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

New Bench made from 100% recycled plastic - Contribution of £1,000 or more

• New 3 seater bench, made from 100% 
recycled plastic, available in either black or brown 
• The bench can be located in the area of your choice* 
• Brass plaque engraved as you wish* 
• Invitation to visit ZSL Whipsnade Zoo to see the bench 
• Maintenance for 3 years

  • Subject to ZSL approval. Your contribution includes the benefits above plus a donation to ZSL. As a charity dependent on public support, ZSL relies on donations to help to continue its work, including the running of our Zoos.

Contact details

If you have any queries about donating to ZSL in memory of a loved one please contact the Development Department on 020 7449 6487, via email at or write to:

Sophie Brown, Legacy Executive, Development Department, Zoological Society of London, Regent’s Park, London, NW1 4RY

Make your memory part of ZSL London Zoo

Snowdon Aviary

Remember someone or a special occasion with your own inscription at ZSL London Zoo

Become part of an iconic landmark