ZSL is proud to have partnered with Fujifilm to create a photo adventure at London Zoo

What’s the best thing about going to the zoo? It might be the fun times with family and friends, or perhaps it’s supporting the conservation of nature’s most beautiful creatures. But if you ask any budding photographer, they’re sure to tell you the single greatest joy is having a wealth of astounding photography subjects, all in one place.

ZSL is proud to have partnered with Fujifilm, to make your visit to London Zoo even more enjoyable. Together, we’ve created a photo adventure, highlighting five locations to create incredible images. As you explore, you’ll find colourful floor graphics with amazing animal themes, as well as footprints showing you where to stand.

Our partnership began in 2022 when Fujifilm came onboard as part of London Zoo’s Summer of Colour campaign. The partnership is about encouraging Zoo visitors to take and share photographs, but we do this through more than just the photo trail.

Fujifilm poster at Liverpool Street tube station
Fujifilm logo

Fujifilm has also donated a complete suite of their X-Series cameras and lenses to the ZSL communications team, to ensure that our engagement is packed with the best quality images with which to tell our wildlife conservation stories. Finally, Fujifilm have also sponsored the Photography Workshops held at London Zoo this year, allowing amateur & professional photographers to come together in the most unique photography setting in London, to practice their craft.

There are more exciting new activities planned for this partnership in 2023. Maybe it's time your organisation joined our journey for equally exciting opportunities with a difference.

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Our new photography exhibition in partnership with FUJIFILM

Gharial and hatchlings © Phoebe Griffith
15 May 2023 - 28 June 2023

Explore A World of Wildlife in Covent Garden

Explore A World of Wildlife in Covent Garden