Liontrust is helping ZSL to bring Asiatic lions back from the brink of extinction

Liontrust, the specialist fund management company, have sponsored the Asiatic lion pride at London Zoo for over ten years. By doing so, they are helping ZSL to bring Asiatic lions back from the brink of extinction.

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Why do Asiatic lions need help?

Only several hundred Asiatic lions survive in the wild, living in a small patch of the Gir Forest, India, where one disease epidemic or forest fire could wipe them out forever. Their daily battle for survival sees them under threat from habitat loss and the growing human population and leaves them vulnerable to poaching.

Liontrust is contributing vital funding that will allow ZSL to work with local partners in training rangers to monitor and protect this last remaining wild population. Funds will also help ZSL create a state-of-the-art Asiatic lion breeding centre and exhibit at London Zoo.

“We are proud to be supporting London Zoo and the Asian lions especially,” says John Ions, Chief Executive of Liontrust. “Lion imagery and the associated attributes of lions is used across all our advertising and branding to symbolise Liontrust’s culture and reflects our core values of wisdom, power, confidence and courage. We deeply admire and respect ZSL’s devotion to the worldwide conservation of these and other animals and their habitats.” 

Land of the Lions at London Zoo

Our lion exhibit, Land of the Lions which opened to the public in 2016, is central to a global breeding programme for Asiatic lions. It helps maintain a genetically diverse population - with the long-term goal of reintroducing Asiatic lions to the wild.

It will also give visitors the chance to get closer than ever before to these amazing big cats and learn more about how they can help to safeguard the future of the Asiatic lion.

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