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Behind-the-scenes stories from our experts

More stories from our teams...

  • Sterling's toothed toad
    Behind-the-scenes story

    Field notes from Vietnam: A hotbed for undiscovered wildlife

    Well over 100 new species of amphibian have been discovered in the past 20 years. ZSL's Curator of Reptiles and Amphibians, Ben Tapley, explains what it's like to work in Vietnam's remote mountains of the north. 

  • Rhincodon typus in the sea
    Sharks are facing their toughest challenge yet – humans.

    Masters of the sea: sharks and rays under threat

    Take the plunge with us to discover the world’s most threatened sharks, and find out how we're helping to safeguard the future of this ancient group of animals.

  • Przewalski's horses with foal
    Previously Extinct-in-the-Wild

    Saving the last wild horses on earth

    Senior Keeper at Whipsnade Zoo, reveals how a breeding programme has helped to save the majestic Przewalski’s horse – the last wild horse on earth.

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