Mitigating single pathogen and co-infections that threaten amphibian biodiversity

Amphibians continue to experience worldwide declines and remain the most threatened vertebrate class. Nearly 30 years of research has shown that pathogens, in particular chytridiomycete fungi and ranaviruses, are responsible for infectious diseases that cause catastrophic population and host community declines on all continents where amphibians exist. While our understanding of the conditions required for amphibian-host decline has grown significantly, our ability to convert this knowledge into practical strategies for managing amphibian pathogens lags far behind. In contrast, the pathogens are moving quickly, and beginning to emerge as mixed infections, causing even greater declines.

This two-day symposium is the first international event to approach chytrids and ranaviruses as a combined threat to amphibians. It will draw on key research communities, as well as on-the-ground conservationists, to aid the process of moving beyond single pathogen research and management, into managing mixed infections and potentially competing pathogens. Speakers will outline the conservation issues amphibians face and how disease figures in these, provide background on the threat posed by single versus mixed pathogen dynamics, and the outcomes of field mitigation strategies. This symposium will bring together the amphibian research and conservation communities to develop 21st century strategies for combating rapidly emerging mixed infections that are already threatening global amphibian biodiversity.


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Confirmed Speakers

Phil Bishop, Amphibian Survival Alliance, Amphibian Specialist Group & University of Otago

Molly Bletz, University of Massachusetts

Cherie Briggs, University of California, Santa Barbara

Stefano Canessa, Ghent University

Matthew Fisher, Imperial College London

Trent Garner, Zoological Society of London

Matthew Gray, University of Tennessee

Richard Griffiths, Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology & University of Kent

Reid N. Harris, Amphibian Survival Alliance & James Madison University

Xavier Harrison, University of Exeter

Jason Hoverman, Purdue University

Pieter Johnson, University of Colorado

Roland Knapp, University of California, Santa Barbara & Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory

Ana V. Longo, University of Florida

An Martel, Ghent University

Erin Muths, U.S. Geological Survey

Deanna H. Olson, USDA Forest Service

Frank Pasmans, Ghent University

Stephen Price, Zoological Society of London & University College London

Corinne Richards-Zawacki, University of Pittsburgh

Jacques Robert, University of Rochester Medical Center

Ben Scheele, Australian National University

Benedikt R. Schmidt, Info Fauna Karch & University of Zurich

Annemarieke Spitzen, RAVON


Trent Garner, Zoological Society of London

Matthew Fisher, Imperial College London

Andy Fenton, University of Liverpool

Xavier Harrison, University of Exeter


  • This symposium will take place in the Huxley Lecture Theatre, Main Meeting Rooms, Zoological Society of London, Outer Circle, Regents Park, NW1 4RY 

  • Nearest underground station: Camden Town

  • Nearest bus stop: Number 274

  • Please find further information on directions here


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