Study and Research Opportunities

Higher Education

The Institute of Zoology offers research training through PhD studentships, and hosts Undergraduate and Masters level research projects conducted as part of our own MSc courses and courses at other institutions.

PhD Research

Several PhD studentships are available at the Institute of Zoology each year. Most studentships are funded by UK Research Councils but some come from other funders including overseas universities and charitable foundations.

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Zoo-based research opportunities

ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoos present a unique opportunity to study species and aspects of their biology that are difficult or impossible to study in their natural habitat. Find out about the types of opportunities available and how to apply. Please note that these are not run by IoZ, but within ZSL's Zoological directorate.

Find out more on the Zoological Directorate Research page.

Msc Courses

MSc in Wild Animal Biology

The MSc in Wild Animal Biology is taught jointly by the Institute of Zoology and the Royal Veterinary College. It provides advanced training in the principles of biological science which underpin wildlife health and wildlife research strategies. 

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MSc in Wild Animal Health

The MSc in Wild Animal Health is taught jointly by the Institute of Zoology and the Royal Veterinary College. It aims to teach the principles and practice of managing all aspects of wild animal health, both in captivity and in the wild. 

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MSc Citizen Science

This new MSc programme is the first of its kind, and will meet the need for recognised skills development and provide students with unique skills in an area of ever-increasing demand that can be applied across a number of different industries.

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MSc Ecology and Data Science

This new MSc in Ecology and Data Science will provide students with unique and highly sought after expertise, in order to address the critical ecological and environmental global challenges of our time. 

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MSc Biodiversity and Global Change

The MSc in Biodiversity and Global Change provides a grounding in the science that is essential for tackling the biodiversity crisis, training the next generation of conservation professionals. Run in collaboration with the Institute of Zoology, the Natural History Museum, and a network of collaborators, the course brings together leading researchers of global biodiversity change from many different disciplines.

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ZSL and the Royal Veterinary College co-host European College of Veterinary Medicine residency training programmes for veterinarians in the specialties of Wildlife Population Health and Zoo Health Management. Further details

Field Course: Interventions in Wild Animal Health

An Integral Component of MVetSci, The University of Edinburgh

The Zoological Society of London, The Wildlife Institute of India (WII) and The University of Edinburgh have been motivated to run this course in recognition of the need to conserve globally important biodiversity and enormous natural values in South Asia, which is nevertheless a hotspot for wildlife diseases.

The Interventions Course will provide practical knowledge to complement the theoretical understanding gained from other courses of the online Conservation Medicine Cert/Dip MVetSci programme.

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MRes in Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation

Biodiversity is vital for providing food, fuel, clean water and other ecosystem services that our wellbeing depends upon. However, factors such as habitat loss and climate change are resulting in widespread loss of diversity and challenging the health and persistence of ecosystems. This MRes provides training in scientific approaches to studying and preserving biodiversity. The research led programme covers both basic research on the evolutionary and ecological processes that produced our present biodiversity, and applied research on how to preserve this biodiversity in the future.

The programme is based in UCL’s Department of Genetics, Evolution, and Environment and run in collaboration with the Natural History Museum and the Zoological Society of London’s Institute of Zoology. It thus provides unparalleled opportunities for students to learn and conduct research across the full breadth of pure and applied research in biodiversity.

Further information can be found on the UCL website here.

Volunteer Research Projects

The Institute of Zoology (IoZ), occasionally takes on projects for suitably qualified research volunteers. Volunteers must undertake to adhere to strict health and safety rules while a visitor at ZSL. Health and safety training will be given where required. We are not recruiting volunteers at present.

ZSL generally cannot reimburse accommodation costs or travel costs to/from ZSL to the volunteer.