Living Planet Report

Living Planet Report

The results of the global Living Panet Index (LPI) are published biennially in WWF's Living Planet Report (LPR), a leading science-based publication on the state of the planet and associated challenges and solutions.

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WWF’s LPR is produced in collaboration with ZSL and a number of other organisations including the Global Footprint Network who develop the Ecological Footprint, measuring human pressures and impacts on the planet.

Each chapter in the LPR presents a different topic, from the state of the natural world to human impacts on the planet and root causes; finally, each report outlines solutions for reducing the impact of human activity and new approaches for a sustainable planet. 

ZSL contributes to the chapter on the state of the natural planet and it is here that we publish the latest results from the LPI. Firstly we present the global LPI to indicate the current state of biodiversity on the planet and then we disaggregate this index into a terrestrial, freshwater and marine LPI to show how trends vary according to the system in which a species lives.

In depth analysis on different habitats, species groups and individual species examples are also produced to illustrate the prevalent issues currently affecting biodiversity and how these are affecting species. 

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