Northwest African cheetah

Cheetah in Pendjari, Benin. Image (c) C.Pavey
Cheetah in Pendjari, Benin. Image (c) C. Pavey

The Northwest African cheetah (or Saharan cheetah), now largely confined to desert environments, is known to currently occur in four countries – Algeria, Niger, Benin and Burkina Faso – and may persist in North Mali, and West Libya.

In Benin, cheetahs can be found in small numbers in the Pendjari and W national parks, but genetic analysis are still required to strictly identify individuals belonging to the hecki subspecies in the WAP complex.

Like in other parts of Africa, the main threats to cheetah populations are habitat loss and fragmentation, trade and to a lesser extent human-wildlife conflict.

Little information is available on the Northwest African cheetah, but the total population continues to decline and represents less than 250 mature individuals.

cheetah conservation in the wap complex