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A jumping spider at ZSL London Zoo

Cute regal jumping spiders settle in their new home as the Friendly Spider Programme returns for 2022

Satellite image

ZSL conservation scientists lead ground-breaking research using satellites to understand the impacts of rewilding efforts over two decades, at...

A ring tailed lemur with an Easter egg at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Lemurs take part in an early Easter egg hunt at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo to launch Zoo’s Easter Egg Trail

Asiatic lion Bhanu explores his new scratching box at ZSL London Zoo

Squirrel monkeys and Asiatic lions receive literary-inspired presents at ZSL London Zoo 

two birds

Wind farm developers are being urged to factor local seabird population trends into plans to avoid contributing to species decline, says new ZSL-...

Closeup of a gannet holding some nesting material.

New ZSL-led study shows how latest knowledge of climate change threats could be better connected with conservation action to protect seabirds and...

three children holding an oyster

Project to restore oysters around UK coastline launches school lesson packs to inspire children to protect oceans

natural rubber plantation

International conservation charity ZSL assess world’s most influential natural rubber companies, including leading tyre and glove brands, on their...

Two lions Zero and Kaya at Africa Alive

A new pride of lions have arrived at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo from Africa Alive

tope shark

Project SIARC (Sharks Inspiring Action and Research with Communities) offers communities the chance to get involved in safeguarding some of the...