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A keeper holds a big-headed turtle at ZSL London Zoo

Endangered armour-plated turtles find new home at ZSL London Zoo

Tight cropped photo of a young African elephant stood next to it's mother.

The FT Seasonal Appeal increases awareness of a chosen charity each year through dedicated editorial coverage of its work.

Lionesses at ZSL London Zoo celebrate World Lion Day with a seesaw

ZSL London Zoo’s big cats given giant ‘seesaw’ to celebrate World Lion Day 2019

Underwater photo of a shark swimming just above a rocky seabed

Research finds marine predators are significantly smaller and much rarer in areas closer to people

Photo of a herd of wildebeest galloping across a grass plain with mountain in the background.

Do the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals promote or limit conservation?

Coatis enjoy housewarming gifts to celebrate the opening of Animal Adventure

Brownies make housewarming gifts with a twist for our coatis at ZSL London Zoo

A lemon cichlid from Lake Tanganyika in Africa

Wildlife photographer and TV fish expert Jack Perks releases gallery of images of world’s rarest fish at new Aquarium

Landscape photo of a hilly forest with a cleared area cutting through the middle

Tropical forestry companies posing risk to sector and investors with only 6% assessing climate risks

Photo of a European bee-eater, a small colourful bird with orange/brown markings, light blue underbelly and yellow throat.

Social media posts help researchers to discover climate change is to blame for displacement of 55 species in UK.

Meerkats moving house at ZSL London Zoo

New housemates prepare to share an Animal Adventure at ZSL London Zoo this summer.