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Zookeeper in mask with lion behind him lays 2m distancing sign on floor

International conservation charity behind Britain’s world-renowned zoos urges UK government to let them open

Zookeepers at ZSL London Zoo have thrown a celebratory party for one of their oldest residents

Zookeepers honour resident’s record-breaking age at zoo during lockdown 

ZSL nurses Critically Endangered wild pangolin called Hope back to health

ZSL releases images of rescued wild pangolin to show plight of illegally trafficked species 

Mary river turtle

A ZSL study published in Nature Communications today (Tuesday 26 May) maps the evolutionary history of the world's terrestrial vertebrates -...

A pregnant Oni the okapi at ZSL London Zoo

Incredible footage shows baby okapi at now endangered ZSL London Zoo kicking in the womb

cameraman filming llamas in a paddock

ITV to go behind the scenes of locked down London and Whipsnade Zoos in exclusive new documentary

Three deer fawns sat on grass

We’ve had 14 new arrivals and we all wish that our visitors were able to see them too, as they’re absolute proof of the incredible work we are...

rockhopper penguin with baby

Baby penguin named in honour of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s newborn son at UK’s largest zoo

An endangered Przewalski’s foal has been born at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Horse play at UK’s largest zoo as keepers celebrate birth of endangered wild horse 

Illustration of people walking through London Zoo in 1831

ZSL London Zoo marks 192nd anniversary from behind closed doors with a look back through the archives.