16 February 2023

First camera trap images of Critically Endangered pangolin in El Nido, Philippines 

The most illegally trafficked wild mammal in the world makes its appearance on our camera trap images in the Philippines’ El Nido for the first time since the area was proposed as a protected area for the Critically Endangered species.  

Pangolin climbing tree caught on camera trap in the dark at El Nido, Philippines

Pangolins in El Nido Philippines 

Our conservationists surveying the leafy forests of El Nido recorded the world’s only scaly mammal, so elusive it is rarely spotted on camera, scurrying over logs and foliage in search of a midnight snack of ants and termites. 
The images have been shared as part of a growing body of evidence for the region to be designated an official pangolin conservation area, cared for in collaboration with the local community – part of our work protecting species. 

Pangolin scurrying in foliage in El Nido, Philippines

Pangolins are the most illegally traded wild mammal in the world, with all eight species being considered threatened with extinction due to demand for their meat and scales.  
We're working in the Philippines, Thailand, Cameroon, Nepal and the Philippines to protect pangolins through collaborating with local communities and authorities, and creating protected habitats where pangolins can thrive.  

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