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1 June 2023

ZSL’s awards programme recognises varied and extraordinary achievements in zoology and conservation science.

This year's winners have made a varied and remarkable contribution to science and conservation. Find out more about their achievements below.

ZSL/Clarivate Award for Communicating Zoology

Professor Nichola Raihani with her book The Social Instict

The ZSL/Clarivate Award for Communicating Zoology is awarded for a communication of a zoological nature that has an outstanding impact on a general audience. The impact may be measured in terms of outstanding quality, novelty, innovation or accessibility for a wide audience.

On behalf of the ZSL Awards Committee, I am delighted to announce that ZSL is to present the Clarivate Award for Communicating Zoology to Professor Nichola Raihani, for her book The Social Instinct.  

In this beautifully written book, Nichola explores the science of cooperation, using examples from the animal kingdom to show how and where collaborative behaviour emerges, and how it enables complex problems to be solved.  The Social Instinct is wonderfully engaging and well-constructed and, led by the science, Nichola describes how cooperation not only underpins ecosystems and societies, but is key to our own survival.  We are delighted to present Nichola with the Clarivate Award for Communicating Zoology. 

Jim Smith
President, ZSL

The award is generously supported by Clarivate.

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