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20 January 2016

The Library and Offices of ZSL moved to its newly built quarters in Regent’s Park in 1910.

Previously the Library and centre of administration had been in central London, moving several times from Bruton Street to Leicester Square to Hanover Square. They were not based at London Zoo because in the early days Regent’s Park was considered remote from the centre of London and difficult and even dangerous to visit at night.

The Library eventually had to move out of Hanover Square as the building was in danger of collapse owing to the weight of the books!

ZSL's Library in Hanover Square in 1900
ZSL's Library in Hanover Square in 1900

Despite a last-minute challenge from a group of Fellows opposed to the move, it went ahead in 1910 and the Offices and Library were moved to a new building opposite the Zoo, where they remain today.

ZSL Library in 1910
ZSL Library in 1910. It also served as ZSL's Meeting Room.
ZSL Library Reading Room in 1910
ZSL Library Reading Room in 1910.

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