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3 February 2021 12:00pm -
28 April 2021 12:00pm

Wild Lunch Wednesdays took place throughout February, March and April 2021, giving you the opportunity to hear directly from ZSL staff and students, as they described their fieldwork experiences and discussed the challenges and rewards of working in conservation science.

We were joined 'live' by viewers from across the world, offering them the opportunity to directly engage with our experts and ask their questions.

You can re-watch all of the events below and also read our follow-up blogs (where we answered some of the audience questions that we didn't have time for!)

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Wednesday 3rd February 2021 - Diving deep in Greenland 

Meet ZSL scientist Chris Yesson and hear about his fieldwork, studying the deep sea floor in Greenland, as he describes close-encounters with icebergs and reveals how he studies what's at the bottom of the sea without getting his feet wet!

Wednesday 17th February - A passion for Pangolins

Meet ZSL PhD student Lucy Archer as she describes her fieldwork experiences in the Philippines, trying to learn more about the world’s only scaly mammal, the Pangolin

Wednesday 3rd March - Wild Dogs, Lions and Me

Meet ZSL scientist Rosie Woodroffe as she describes her fieldwork experiences working with large carnivores in East Africa.  

Wednesday 17th March - Wildlife gems in UK waters

Meet ZSL marine conservationist Celine Gamble as she takes us into the field closer to home, exploring the coastline and oyster beds of Great Britain.  

Wednesday 31st March - Shark Tales

Meet ZSL scientist David Curnick and hear about his experiences in the Indian Ocean researching sharks! With blue seas and sandy beaches, carrying out fieldwork here sounds like paradise, but it’s hard work too!  

Wednesday 14th April - Championing Dwarf Geckos in Colombia

Meet Colombian biologist Liliana Saboyá Acosta, a former ZSL EDGE Fellow who continues to work closely with ZSL, helping to conserve the tiny and enigmatic Colombian Dwarf Gecko

Wednesday 28th April - Tigers in Nepal

Meet ZSL conservationist Pawan Gautam, as he describes his fieldwork experiences working with tigers and people in the national parks and surrounding areas of western Nepal.  

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