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12 February 2019 6:00pm
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The marine environment is changing, and until recently its sheer size and inaccessibility have hindered our ability to understand the impacts of these changes on biodiversity and species. In recent years, animal tracking has become incredibly sophisticated, revealing characteristics and behaviour in animals across the globe that we have not been able to see, let alone study, before.

Technological advances in biotelemetry make it possible to remotely monitor animals in the challenging marine environment: electronic tags can record the vast movements of species at oceanic scales and track extraordinary dives into the abyss. We reveal what this new information can tell us about key drivers of species distribution from the depths to shallow coastal waters; such as movements of individuals and communities, predator–prey interactions and social behaviour.

We will also discuss how data from telemetry technologies can and should be, but are not always, utilised to improve conservation management and marine spatial planning. In an age of ‘big data’ are marine ecology and conservation science collaborating enough?


Dr Henri Weimerskirch, Director of Research CNRS, CEBC-CNRS

Dr Nicole Esteban, Swansea University

Dr David Jacoby, Zoological Society of London

Dr Matthew Witt, University of Exeter

Chaired by Dr David Curnick, Zoological Society of London

Find Agenda and Abstracts here

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  • This Science and Conservation Event is free to attend and booking is not required.
  • Venue: Huxley Lecture Theatre, Main Meeting Rooms, ZSL London Zoo. See map
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