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Herbie the baby porcupine at ZSL London Zoo

Baby porcupine makes prickly debut after August birth at ZSL London Zoo

Our new exhibit at ZSL London Zoo, Giants of the Galapagos

ZSL London Zoo has revealed some of the clever ways it puts nature at the heart of its decision-making, as it prepares to call on world leaders to...

Cream tea

Zoo tours with afternoon tea begin on 2 November 2021. Tickets on sale from 14 September 2021.

Socorro dove with first clutch chicks at ZSL London Zoo

Extinct-in-the-wild bird chicks hatch at ZSL London Zoo after match-making success

Solar panels

Plans to radically reduce carbon footprint of the UK’s largest Zoo 

northern lights

Leading conservation charity ZSL provides vital new evidence to inform sustainable marine management in the region

Polly the Galapagos tortoise at ZSL London Zoo

Giant tortoises walk across London Zoo in epic house move

juvenille angel shark

Local diver snaps first ever underwater photos and videos of Critically Endangered juvenile Angelshark – providing further evidence that the...

london thames seal

ZSL’s annual seal population survey highlights Thames’ role as important ecosystem ahead of global summits for environment and nature

tiger shark swimming near diver

A new study has shown that tiger sharks- a species widely regarded as a solitary, nomadic predator of the sea- have social preferences for one...