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lions eyes

ZSL-led study shows how protecting threatened species such as cheetah and African wild dogs needs an integrated approach, with support for local...

Mother and baby tiger at London Zoo

Month-old Sumatran tiger cub takes wobbly first steps outside at ZSL London Zoo’s Tiger Territory

Asiatic lions Bhanu and Arya are counted at the Annual Stocktake 2022 at ZSL London Zoo

Zookeepers at ZSL London Zoo kick off the new year with annual stocktake  

A Sumatran tiger cub has been born at ZSL London Zoo

World's rarest tiger born at ZSL London Zoo’s Tiger Territory

An Amur tiger poses in a pile of presents at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Tiger brothers tear open gift boxes two days early at Whipsnade Zoo

Komodo dragon Ganas with a Christmas dinner

Animal lovers can add ZSL London Zoo’s Komodo dragon to their Christmas wish lists as Zoo offers exciting new ‘Komodo Dragon Experience’

Asiatic lioness Arya investigates Christmas presents at ZSL London Zoo

Animals at ZSL London Zoo wake up to early Christmas surprises 

ZSL London Zoo Reptile House, where Harry Potter was filmed

Classic films featuring London Zoo to watch this Christmas

A squirrel monkey explores a Christmas stockings filled with treats at ZSL London Zoo

Squirrel monkeys at ZSL London Zoo enjoy festive stocking treat


Citizen scientists contribute to ZSL-led study on London hedgehogs which reveals the prickly creatures' residential preferences.