MSc in Wild Animal Health - Alumni Feedback

Naveena BaboolalPersuing a Masters in Wild Animal Health was a dream come through and one of the best experiences. This course gave me a chance to be lectured and work alongside Veterinarians that wrote the wildlife textbooks that I studied from. It broadened my knowledge on wildlife medicine and management and welfare of wildlife. It also stimulated my interest in conservation and emerging diseases. The practical component was my favourite as we were on rotations at well-established Zoos. It was a great opportunity to network with people from around the world and build a rapport. I am still in contact with my colleagues and contact them when I need a consult. I am sure this masters will help me advance in my career, as I am now the first qualified Wildlife Veterinarian in my home country of Trinidad. 
Naveena Baboolal WAH 15/16


Marcus Clauss The MSc course was a brilliant opportunity to get exposure to a large number of specialists - their knowledge but also their various fascinating characters. The resources of the IoZ and the course modules allowed me to delve into so many topics of zoo animal biology and management that I still profit from today. Most of all, the quest for my own MSc topic, and the planning and performing of the experiments and labwork, were a forming experience that made me feel I can achieve a lot if I just set my energy to it, and the drive and confidence I gained at the time is still with me when I plan new projects today. The MSc course gave my body and soul an arena in which to act out the dreams I had at the time, which laid out - without me knowing - the path to my professional future.
Marcus Clauss WAH 97/98

Joshua Hui​The special design of this MSc course encouraged me to seek answers by myself and through the discussions with the colleagues who have different academic backgrounds and perspectives. Also, the lecturers are the real experts working on various fields, from animal welfare to veterinary medicine, from captive wildlife management to field research, they equipped me with extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills in both in-situ conservation and ex-situ wildlife management. The most attractive part of the course was to develop my own research based on my interests. I travelled to Yunnan, China to study the human-elephant conflict issue which was a valuable experience and provided a good starting point for my future career in China.
Michael Hui WAH 15/16
Hugo Richardson - MSc in Wild Animal HealthThe Masters in Wild Animal Health was a fantastic introduction into the conservation science arena. The course gave us a firm grounding in the basic tools needed for a role in conservation, with a diverse range of speakers providing lectures in their specialist fields, ranging from statistics and virology through to practical classes on remote capture techniques and cetacean rescue. For those interested in a job in conservation, or who just want to discover more about this rapidly emerging field of science, I would highly recommend this course.
Hugo Richardson, MSc WAH 2009/10

Sreejith Radhakrishnan - MSc in Wild Animal Health'The MSc course in Wild Animal Health was memorable in more ways than one. Personally, it encouraged me to ask critical questions and seek answers, and fit well with my nature to learn by myself. The course gives great emphasis on the diseases and treatment of wildlife from a unique eco-system and conservation medicine perspective, something that is invaluable in today’s changing wildlife conservation scenario. The chance to work with excellent wildlife veterinarians and biologists at one of the premier wildlife conservation societies in the world is also an experience not to be missed. I made great friends and some relationships that will last a lifetime. All in all, this MSc. course brilliantly encapsulates the exceedingly vast field of wildlife and conservation medicine in a short period of one year, and is highly recommended for anyone looking to get into this field.'
Sreejith Radhakrishnan, Assistant Forest Veterinary Officer, Periyar Tiger Reserve, India

Supaphen Sripiboon - MSc in Wild Animal Health'The MSc Wild Animal Health not only give me knowledge on wildlife veterinary medicine but also open my mind to the conservation aspect, which is very important currently. It’s been also a great opportunity to learn and work with a famous institution like ZSL, IoZ or RVC. Even now I’m back to work at my home country, I still contact my friends and colleagues over there. This course is one of the best experience in my life.'
Supaphen Sripiboon, Kasetsart University, Thailand
Alejandra Montalba - MSc in Wild Animal Health'I am a Chilean veterinarian that due to my passion for wildlife wanted to continue expanding my knowledge, spending a year in the clinic of Chile's National Zoo and participating in various internships at zoos in Canada and USA. Once working at the Official Veterinary Service of Chile I chose the MSc WAH in order to obtain tools to discover what needs to be done in my country in terms of wildlife. The MSc WAH not only gave me those helpful tools, but also broadened my view about the important role we play as professionals for the conservation of species worldwide.'
Alejandra Montalba, Chile
Sandra Wenger - MSc in Wild Animal Health'Through the MSc Wild Animal Health I was able to broaden my knowledge in wildlife, zoological and conservation medicine. My MSc project allowed me to gain experience in the field working with free-ranging animals. I met lots of interesting people during my MSc who provided with me further opportunities such as the chance to perform an internship at the Dubai falcon hospital. After my MSc I completed a residency in zoological medicine at the Zurich zoo and became ACZM board certified in 2012. Since 2011 I work as senior lecturer at the Zurich zoo and Clinic for zoo animals, exotic pets and wildlife at the University of Zurich.'
Sandra Wenger, Dipl. ACZM, Dipl. ECVAA, MSc, University of Zurich, Switzerland

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