London HogWatch

West european hedgehog

London HogWatch identifies hedgehog populations in greater London to promote conservation strategies for their protection, connection and expansion.

What do we do?

London HogWatch was established in 2016 to identify the locations of some of the main hedgehog populations in greater London in order to protect these populations and encourage their growth. So far, we have identified substantial hedgehog ‘hotspots’ - northeast London including in the Highgate in Hampstead area and others in the southwest Barnes in Roehampton/Twickenham area, in addition to a number of smaller populations . 

Why monitor hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs in the UK have experienced a dramatic decline over the last 20 years, with estimates suggesting that numbers have fallen from 1.5 million in 1995 to under 1 million in 2015. Multiple factors may be interacting to produce this effect, including habitat loss and fragmentation, use of pesticides and agricultural chemicals, road traffic and potentially the increasing badger population. 

How do we do it?

London HogWatch aims to help halt hedgehog population decline in London by understanding the abundance and distributions of major hedgehog populations to better develop future conservation management strategies.

conservationist placing a camera trap in the forest

We use systematic camera trapping surveys, to provide data on presence and absence of hedgehog populations, along with other London wildlife populations that might impact hedgehogs, such as red foxes and badgers. We continue to gather data across London to fill knowledge gaps about the occurrence, size and connectivity of populations. 

We carry out camera trap surveys across London with the kind support of our funders.

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People involved

  • Chris Carbone, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Zoology, ZSL
  • Robin Freeman, Head of the Indicators and Assessment Unit at the Institute of Zoology, ZSL   
  • Marcus Rowcliffe, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Zoology, ZSL    
  • Kate Scott-Gatty, Data and Research Assistant, Institute of Zoology, ZSL
  • Rachael Kemp, Project Manager, Conservation and Policy, ZSL