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ZSL has a number of important bird projects, from saving Indian vultures from rapid population declines to using the most innovative new techniques to monitor Antarctic penguins remotely.

This work has involved the birdkeeping expertise of ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, the research of the Institute of Zoology and conservation action in the field.

EDGE Birds

The EDGE top 100 birds list identifies the most Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered avian species in the world. We must conserve these species to safeguard the greatest amount of evolutionary history possible

Visit the EDGE Birds Top 100 website to find out more.

Skellig Michael Puffins

ZSL works to protect iconic and threatened bird species.

Griffon Vulture

Halting catastrophic declines in India and Nepal's iconic vulture species....

Male Hihi bird

The Ecology and Conservation of New Zealand’s Hihi: A Case Study for...

Philippine eagle

The ‘little dodo’ and a bird that dispatches its prey by stamping on its...

Drawing of Cinereous vulture, Aegypius monachus, in Volume 1 birds p. 4 of Brian Houghton Hodgson manuscripts of Nepal and India.

ZSL has published the National Red List of Nepal's Birds, a full account of...

Adult Mauritius kestrel perch on a branch

Restoring a conservation icon

A male Mauritius Fody perch on a branch

The most interesting bird you’ve never heard of.

Pink pigeon

There really are Pink Pigeons!

Echo Parakeet

Recovery of the only surviving Mascarene parrot species

Mauritius olive white-eye sat on a branch

Saving Mauritius’ smallest bird

Close up photo a golden brown bird with white belly and black wings, perched on a branch, looking into the camera

Re-establishment of a wild Sihek population.

Close up photo of the New Zealand fairy tern, a medium sized bird with white and grey feathers and orange beak, landing on a sandy beach

Recovery planning for the rarest breeding bird in New Zealand