The London Hub for the River Fly Monitoring Initiative

The Riverfly Monitoring Initiative (RMI) is the most widely adopted aquatic citizen science scheme in the UK. Developed by the Riverfly Partnership, it is funded and endorsed nationally by the Environment Agency. It is for detecting and reporting pollution events, gathering long term river health data and aligning the efforts of trained volunteers and the Environment Agency in improving rivers across the UK.

As the London Riverfly Monitoring Hub, ZSL supports the development of RMIs on new rivers in London. Along with our project partners listed below, we support multiple RMI schemes already up and running on rivers throughout London.

Image - Composite photo of 3 larvae found in rivers, on a white background

RMI sampling is based on long established principles of water quality testing that uses key invertebrate species as indicators of the ecological health of rivers. The sampling method is taught over the course of a day, and once trained the scheme enables individuals to take responsibility and ownership for monitoring their local rivers to increase the frequency and coverage of surveillance activity. By monitoring a range of sites on a monthly basis the chances of detecting pollution events are increased and action can be taken early to identify sources of pollution and to resolve the problem.

If you would like to hear about opportunities to join RMI training events taking place in London, as well as other citizen science opportunities, please sign up to volunteer for London’s rivers.



Finding Your Local RMI Scheme

Citizen Crane

  • River Crane
  • Yeading Brook



  • River Ravensbourne
  • Quaggy River
  • River Pool
  • River Brent
  • River Pinn
  • Frays River
  • River Colne

South East Rivers Trust

  • River Wandle
  • Beverley Brook
  • Hogsmill River


London Wildlife Trust

  • River Cray


Land of the Fanns

  • River Ingrebourne
  • Paines Brook
  • River Rom