One Less

Plastic water bottle in the ocean


Because everything we do touches the ocean 

#OneLess – led by ZSL and partners in the Marine CoLABoration – is a movement of pioneering individuals, communities, businesses, NGOs and policymakers, collaboratively striving to reduce the number of single-use plastic water bottles entering the ocean from the city of London. Londoners are among the highest users of bottled water in the UK. The average London adult buys 3.37 plastic water bottles every week – that’s 175 every year per person, and over a billion per year on a city level. Sadly, many of these end up in the River Thames and flow out to the ocean.

One Less

Plastic bottle washed up on the beach

Together we are championing and enabling a new refill culture, where using a refillable water bottle is the new norm and where throwaway, single-use bottled water is a thing of the past. We are also working to ensure that the systems and infrastructure are in place across the city to support this behaviour.

Find out more about the #OneLess movement and how you and your business, organisation or community can get involved:

Visit the #OneLess website

One Less project partners

Humboldt penguins investigate recycled plastic bottles at ZSL London Zoo
ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoos have removed all single-use plastic water bottles from its shelves, as part of the #...

Make a personal commitment to the ocean

Become part of the solution today! Make a personal commitment to the ocean and stop using single-use plastic water bottles, replacing them with a refillable bottle. By pledging you are helping to ensure that fewer plastic bottles pollute our environment and enter the ocean. 

Make the pledge to go single-use plastic water bottle free and tweet a selfie with your refillable water bottle and the #OneLess hashtag to @OneLessBTL. 

Make the #OneLess Pledge