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Observation in Quadrat

The EDGE of Existence programme invests in conservation at a grass-roots level. We support aspiring conservationists in developing countries to take the lead in researching and conserving their local EDGE species – the most effective and sustainable way to ensure the long-term survival of these animals. 

**The call for 2018 EDGE Fellowship applications is now OPEN** 

Every year, around 10 early-career conservationists are awarded one of ZSL’s two-year EDGE Fellowships. With mentorship from ZSL experts, and a grant to set up their own project on an EDGE species, each fellow gains a rigorous scientific grounding as well as practical experience. 

Each intake of fellows begins with a four-week training course in essential conservation tools, delivered in priority EDGE regions such as Madagascar, Costa Rica, Nepal, Kenya and the Philippines. Fellows then head back to work with their chosen species, keeping in touch with tutors via Skype. 

Over the past decade, 68 passionate conservationists from all over the world have completed the EDGE Fellowship programme and made an impact in the countries where they live.

Meet some of our EDGE Fellows: 

Bruktawit Abdu“A highlight of my Fellowship was been the conservation tools training course in Madagascar. I was able to learn lots of things about different aspects of conservation including the social aspect. In addition to the course, I had the pleasure to meet and be friends with young and enthusiastic conservationists working in different parts of the world.” 

Bruktawit Abdu's EDGE Fellowship specialises in the White-winged Flufftail

Horris Wanyama, EDGE Fellow“There is nothing better than self-satisfaction; doing what you feel you are good at. Rhino conservation is very fulfilling and I am contented to having achieved what my late uncle died trying to do. I feel an unexplainable thrill whenever I see a rhino cow walking with an innocent calf in a peaceful quite wilderness.”

Horris Wanyama is working to protect the Critically Endangered eastern black rhinoceros

Mea Trenor EDGE Fellow “I cannot even begin to explain the difference it makes to have the backing of a respectable name in conservation when you deal with professionals that are involved in your project. And to have a real budget to work with makes such a difference as well. Not to mention the support of experts at your fingertips. I definitely would not be able to achieve what I have and still plan to without the Fellowship. It's an incredible learning experience.”

Mea Trenor's Fellowship focuses on the endangered Mistbelt Chirping Frog

Observation in Quadrat“The support from the fellowships makes being a conservationist, biologist or zoologist an exciting prospect for young people. It helps provide jobs to those people involved in local conservation. It also connects the fellows to a wider pool of international experts that can help them move forward in their career in environment conservation.”

J. Kahlil Panopio's project is on the Philippine Eagle

Jose Alfredo Hernandez Diaz“An important highlight of my fellowship has been the excellent attitude that people from the community have shown towards the project. They are always willing to help and very supportive.” 

José Alfredo Hernández Díaz works to protect the Taylor’s salamander

Esteban Brenes-Mora is a conservation scientist currently working in Tapir Research“The EDGE fellowship was a unique opportunity to launch my career as a conservation biologist and create a project around a species for which I was most passionate about. Before EDGE and the support from School of Biology of the University of Costa Rica and my mentors, studying tapirs was just a dream.”

Esteban Brenes-Mora is safeguarding the future of the Baird's Tapir

Micaela Camino, EDGE fellow“There are many great things about my job. The first one is the Forests. When I am in the forests looking for tracks, observing Nature, I feel my roots in this World. My own roots. I can feel how I am part of a larger being, and how the Mystery of Nature is Infinite.”

Micaela Camino's focus is to conserve the Chacoan peccary

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The call for 2018 EDGE Fellowship applications is now OPEN! 

One of the most effective ways ZSL's EDGE of Existence programme is working to secure the future of EDGE species is by awarding two year Fellowships to future conservation leaders working on poorly-known EDGE species. Find out how you can become an EDGE Fellow. 

For more information about the EDGE Fellows Programme, please visit the EDGE of Existence website or you can email the EDGE Fellows Coordinator