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A whale shark swimming above a shoal of fish
by ZSL on

The EDGE of Existence programme will soon release the first list of Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) Chondrichthyes, the...

Dirt road cutting through palm plantation with smoking chimney in distance
by ZSL on

ZSL (The Zoological Society of London) joins over 200 individuals from conservation organisations, governments, companies and financial...

West African lion walking along a dirt track
by ZSL on

The WAP is threatened by encroachment of herders and livestock, agricultural expansion, illegal logging, unsustainable hunting for bushmeat and...

2 pig tailed macaque investigate the camera
by ZSL on

ZSL’s Instant Wild is a citizen science app that transmits live video and images from motion triggered cameratraps in key wildlife habitats around...

Symposium cover shot
by Emma Levy on

On Tuesday 11th September the inaugural marine science symposium for the Bertarelli Programme in Marine Science took place at the Royal...

Tek handling Panthera poachercams
by ZSL on

As global leaders from around the world meet in London this week to identify collaborative solutions to combat illegal wildlife trade, we spoke to...

ZSL's Law Enforcement Advisor Christian Plowman
by ZSL on

Metropolitan police detective turned wildlife crime-fighter Christian Plowman talks trafficking, methods and tactics, the criminal chain and...

A one-horned rhino in a field in Chitwan
by ZSL on

Tek Raj Bhatt, Senior Programme Officer at ZSL Nepal, who works on a range of community-based conservation projects across Nepal, introduces...

Close up of a Chinese pangolin
by ZSL on

With an estimated 1 million individuals having been removed from the wild in the last decade, the pangolin has to bear the unfortunate tag of...

Jake Davies, Joanna Barker and Jon Fidler holding angelshark model

Some of the best projects I’ve worked on at ZSL focus on collaboration – bringing people together from a range of backgrounds to find...

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