Roles within our Conservation and Policy directorate are extremely diverse and we have many different roles and specialities working together to achieve common goals. We have Programme Managers who manage our in-country conservation programmes around the world, including managing budgets, and line-managing staff around the globe to meet our aims for a world where wildlife thrives. We also have technical specialists and field specialists who will work more hands-on, including a project very close to home near our Head Office in London - working in the Thames to monitor eels.

Stretching further afield, we work in over 50 countries worldwide targeting a wide variety of conservation aims, including the prevention of poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, fostering the co-existence of wildlife and people in vulnerable habitats and communities, and working to save amphibians from pandemic-level disease threats to save amazing animals and keep them a part of our future.

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How do I become a conservationist?

When we are shortlisting for our conservationist roles, we tend to look for relevant experience. Our junior roles can get a lot of applications through so ensure you personalise your application by ensuring your CV is as relevant to the role as it can be. For instance, if you are applying for a role in one of our programmes in Asia, make sure you highlight any knowledge or experience you have in this region.

For some specialist roles, a university degree in a related subject is desired but not essential and experience gained in internships or voluntary fieldwork could also make your application more desirable to us. We look for candidates with relevant transferable skills such as good communication skills which can help with grant funding applications, good organisational skills and an ability to multi-task.

By entering into a career path in conservation, no matter what level of role you enter into, you will be working in a valuable and rewarding job restoring and protecting all facets of the natural world, worldwide. At ZSL our conservation work is informed by our science, and spans a variety of innovative approaches from the development and use of conservation technology, to forming and fostering long-term relationships with in-country policy makers and local communities. The possibilities are endless. Join us now.

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