Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect at work, and all employees have a role to play in making sure ZSL is a workplace free from bullying or harassment.

ZSL has a Dignity and Respect at Work policy that sets out our expectations of staff, and the procedures for reporting unacceptable behaviour. 


ZSL provides mandatory Dignity and Respect training for all staff and volunteers. 

Contact points

The Institute of Zoology has five people acting as points of contact for assistance and support for people experiencing bullying or harassment. 

Linda daVolls, Head of Scientific Resources and Meetnigs, says: “I am one of five contact points for anyone who is worried about bullying and harassment at IoZ. The role was introduced after our 2015 survey highlighted concerns about harassment and bullying within the organisation. I received helpful coaching and support from HR for the role. I provide advice and support, and discuss options to address any situation where a member of staff or student feels compromised by someone else's behaviour or attitude at work. I have only been contacted once in 12 months, and I think that equality and diversity training, and posters about the Dignity and Respect at Work policy, have improved peoples' understanding of bullying and harassment issues.”


Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

ZSL provides a 24 hour online contact system and confidential support lines for all staff and students. 

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