We're working to bring youth voice to the heart of ZSL's work. 

The ZSL Youth Advisory Board was launched in summer 2023 to bring youth voice to help shape the future of our organisation. Made up of twelve members between the ages of 16-26, the board works to advise ZSL on how we can best incorporate the needs and views of young people, to ensure they are engaged and empowered by ZSL’s vision. 

Who are we & what do we do? 

We are a voluntary group, committed to amplifying the voices of young people and ensuring thier needs and perspectives are included in ZSL’s work. 

As a board we work both interanlly with staff across ZSL to provide Youth Voice and perspective, but also externally to engage wider groups of young people in conservation issues and so we can best represent them.

Join our community 

If you are interested in staying updated on our initiatives and events you can join our mailing list (LINK). For any enquiries or to reach out about collaborations you can email us at :

Please note that applications for the ZSL Youth Advisory Board open every two years. We will be announcing the next opportunity to join the board in summer 2025.

Meet our members

The youth advisory board elected its first members in July 2023. We are a group with a wide variety of skills, interested and backgrounds. 

Alice Armstrong - Youth Advisory Board Member
Alice Armstrong

I am a PhD student at University College London and the Institute of Zoology, my project focuses on emerging human threats to wild cats in Suriname. I’m all about promoting diversity in conservation. I’ve been involved in various youth engagement initiatives, advocating for inclusive spaces in conservation. I am excited to translate my experiences into actionable strategies for positive change, representing youth and minority voices.

Amy Feakes - Youth Advisory Board Member
Amy Feakes - Deputy Chair 

As I pursue my PhD in marine mammal ecology and acoustics, this, and my sea turtle background and conservation background, I am drawn to work more in the awareness space.  With varied experiences on boards and committees, I’m enthusiastic to leverage this to support our boards growth and journey. I am excited about how we are going to use this space to inspire and support more young conservationists and make the space inclusive for all. 

Elias Thomas - Youth Advisory Board Member
Elias Thomas 

I am an enthusiastic budding conservationist and nature lover, with a drive for youth engagement. Whilst in six form, I have a background in various youth activities, I will be able to provide a unique perspective to the board. I am excited to gain leadership and professional skills in a wildlife conservation space. 

Emma Murphy - Youth Advisory Board Member
Emma Murphy

I have always been passionate about conservation however have had little access to opportunities. I am a geoscience graduate, now working towards my PhD after previous work in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. I’m hoping to bring the policy skills I’ve picked up from working in government to the team as well as a positive mindset!

Georgia Knowles - Youth Advisory Board Member
Georgia Knowles

I am a zoo keeper working at Woburn Safari Park. Whipsnade was my nearest zoo growing up, and I spent a lot of time there which really ignited my passion for conservation and even helped me get through some tough times with my mental health. I am keen to use my inside perspective of the LGBTQ+ and disabled communities to identify and remove the barriers that prevent these groups from becoming involved in conservation initiatives. 

Hala Zein - Youth Advisory Board Member
Hala Zein

As a disabled young woman of colour, I feel an urgent sense of responsibility to amplify underrepresented voices in hard-to-reach spaces that are lacking equitable consideration and collaboration with disadvantaged communities. Having completed my first-class degree in Law, I am now undertaking my LPC to become a Solicitor at BPP university. By entering the legal sector, I hope to push for greater accessibility and equality to allow for more diverse and multifaceted policymakers and key stakeholders in sectors that heavily impact our communities, particular in governance and conservation. 

I’m proud to be part of a diverse board that is ambitious, proactive, and dedicated to building up ZSL’s community impact and outreach in our fight for wildlife.

Olivia Augustine - Youth Advisory Board Member
Olivia Augustin

I am a community-orientated individual with a passion for conservation and animals.  As a young black female who lives in Lambeth, being a part of ZSL’s youth advisory board gives me the opportunity to vocalise and put into practice actions and ethics expanding the organisation’s outreach. My intergenerational communication skills aid me to speak to people of different ages which is an important part of our work.

Toussaint Downer

As a first-generation university student, the opportunity to work with ZSL on the Nuffield Research Placement in 2022 was a transformative experience for me. Now, I’m excited to give back and make a meaningful contribution to the field of environmental conservation through the ZSL Youth Advisory Board. 

Yasmin Sajjad - Youth Advisory Board
Yasmin Sajjad - Chair

I’m super passionate about making a positive impact in conservation for young people. With a background in environmental consultancy, particularly in the construction sector, I've seen firsthand how collaboration can lead to impactful change and the power of diverse voices coming together to find sustainable solutions. The board offers us a space to engage, share insights, support and mentor one another, whilst working together to encourage youth in conservation. I am hoping to support inclusive decision making and excited about future collaborations with others in this space.

Yasmin Trivedi Dave - Youth Advisory Board Member
Yasmin Trivedi Davé - Deputy Chair

From a young age, as I immersed myself in nature documentaries and non-fiction literature, I realised something was missing—an environmental pioneer who truly reflected the rich tapestry of my South Asian community. Utilising my professional experience within EDI in the ENGO space, this board gives me the opportunity to become the advocate I have been searching for, to break down barriers and foster intercultural dialogue with diverse communities, supporting inclusive and accessible youth engagement. 

Zaara Yeasmin - Youth Advisory Board Member
Zaara Yeasmin 

I am a passionate and motivated individual committed to promoting environmental sustainability and conservation. As a British-Bangladeshi Londoner, I bring a unique, culture-rich perspective to the Board.

With a strong background in community engagement and advocacy, I'm dedicated to bridging cultural gaps and promoting inclusivity in environmental processes. 

Youth Advisory Board smiling at Penguin Beach
Youth Advisory Board at Gorilla Kingdom