Marine Science Programme Manager
Area of work
Tropical Marine Ecosystems, Marine Protected Areas, Coral Reef Biology, Indian Ocean
Marine conservation
Coral Reefs
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I work to coordinate science in the service of improved conservation for marine ecosystems. Creating, understanding and defending the integrity of marine protected areas at an ecosystem scale enables large scale natural processes to recover. This connects habitats and confers resiliance in the face of climate change pressures.

I would like to see a future where it is still possible to see impressive groups of animals together in thousands and tens of thousands. The Living Planet Index data goes back to when I was born so I can map that 69% drop in wildlife populations against my own lifetime very precisely. I remember seeing wildlife spectacles as a child that are gone now and it motivates me to want to bring some of that back. 

By supporting collaborative science that works across disciplines we are a discovering novel links between terrestrial and marine ecosystems that can guide us towards restoration activities that benefit both.

Rachel in front of an aquarium tank
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