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ZSL Library & Archives
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Natasha Wakely is responsible for archives and records management at ZSL Library.

The Archives of ZSL is a unique collection which goes back to the founding in 1826. ZSL Archives are primarily an institutional archive, meaning that most of the records have been produced as a result of ZSL's activities: as a learned society, conservation charity, scientific research institute (Institute of Zoology) and our two Zoos: London and Whipsnade. 

ZSL's Prince Philip Zoological Library & Archives enhances and supports research and lifelong learning through access to unparalleled resources on zoology and animal conservation; we celebrate and share ZSL's history and cultural heritage through public engagement, events and storytelling; we inspire and inform new, diverse, and existing audiences about animals and their conservation; we preserve and curate ZSL's organisational memory to protect and advance zoological knowledge for future generations; and we foster active collaboration across the ZSL community, through our vibrant learning and working space.

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