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Marine conservation and restoration
Sustainable Finance
Marine conservation
Blue Finance
Blue Carbon
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Biodiversity Accreditation
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Jack's role focusses on marine conservation through sustainable financing for climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, and biodiversity restoration. This challenge is complex with multiple factors influencing the outcomes. Challenges can include financial and research constraints, policy uncertainty, legal rights, and lack of investor and stakeholder engagement.

Beyond loving science for increasing our knowledge and understanding of the world, Jack feels that science has an obligation to engage and make an impact on our society. 


Jack diving with an underwater camera
© Jack Sheehy

'It’s a dream to use my research to support wildlife conservation through investor and stakeholder engagement. To drill down further, human interests are reliant on ecological function and therefore biodiversity. To extrapolate that to its most fundamental level, I’d argue my passion for my work is therefore driven purely from an interest in self-preservation!'