Marine Science Programme Coordinator
Area of work
Marine Science and Conservation Communcation
Marine conservation

My role is to provide coordination and administrative support for the Bertarelli Foundation's Marine Science Programme, managed by ZSL. It is a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary programme with over 70 scientists from 22 institutions across 13 countries. The programme focuses on the Indian Ocean, where we address the protection of marine biodiversity and securing ocean health, and use science to inform management and conservation in the region.

I support science expeditions, programme management and communication pf programme work. This Marine Science programme is an endorsed Action of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development and has a strong focus on regional capacity building for marine science.

When trying to find solutions to help look after and conserve wildlife and the environment, it's important to try and understand not just the immediate problem but also the bigger picture. It's important to use interdisciplinary approaches to not only deal with the symptoms but also the source of the problem. Working not just with scientists but also local communities, we are able to find solutions to help tackle bigger problems which benefit wildlife, the environment and people.

The programme is helping to reveal secrets of the water world. By building our knowledge of important species, identifying relationships between environment and animals and by better understanding the subtle influences wildlife and environment have on the health of one another we are able to identify better management options to promote a healthier ocean.