Environmental and Social Safeguarding Specialist
Social Safeguarding

Lucy is an interdisciplinary conservation scientist with over 10 years’ experience working for NGO, governmental and academic institutions.

Her main interest is in understanding the human dimensions inherent in biodiversity conservation, and how local voices, perspectives, and knowledge systems can be better represented in conservation planning to work towards collaborative, practical, and inclusive conservation.

Lucy's role within the Strategy, Design and Impact Group (SDIG) is to support project teams in implementing our Environmental and Social Safeguarding Framework; a tool that integrates our mission, policies and international protocols on biodiversity and human rights to ensure environmental and social safeguards are built into our conservation projects. Through this, we work to ensure ethical considerations are built into the design, implementation and M&E of projects so that they work to achieve equitable and inclusive conservation. 

Professional Accreditations 

Dr Lucy Archer is a member of both the IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group and the Fairer Conservation Futures Initiative.


  • PhD Conservation Science, University of London.
  • MSc Conservation Science, Imperial College London.
  • BSc Wildlife Conservation, Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, University of Kent.

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