Post Doctoral Research Associate
Area of work
Co-existence between wildlife and people
Behavioural ecology
European Eel
Anthropogenic impacts
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ZSL's Institute of Zoology,

Regent's Park,

NW1 4RY,

United Kingdom



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My research is centred around the critically endangered European eel, which has experienced dramatic population declines. Eels have a complex life cycle, and to complete their life cycle they need to migrate upstream as juveniles.

Anthropogenic river infrastructures (e.g. dams, weirs, water pumps) can act as a barrier to young eels migrating upstream and reduce the connectivity of rivers. 
Legislation to promote the protection of the European eel has encouraged the installation of eel passes as a secondary installation at anthropogenic river structures to facilitate eel migration over these barriers.  

Alongside our partners at the Environment Agency, we are working to optimise eel passes.

By running robust tests on potential barrier mitigation solutions, we are developing practical solutions to mitigate the impact of anthropogenic barrier structures and increase river connectivity. 


  • PhD with the University of Liverpool & the Zoological Society of London
  • MRes. Ecology, Evolution and Conservation with Imperial College London