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Sustainable Finance
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Bridget works as the Sustainable Finance Analyst at ZSL, engaging with the financial sector around biodiversity impacts and developing investable nature-based solutions to redirect and deploy private finance in a way that protects and restores our planet. She has a background in monitoring and evaluating impact investments and in developing blended finance models for innovative investment vehicles, that can scale financing for climate mitigation and resilience projects.

There is currently a huge gap between the amount of finance needed to protect and restore our global ecosystems, and the amount being deployed.

While conservation has historically been funded through grants, the current ecological crisis demands that we consider how our entire economic system impacts on biodiversity and nature. Through understanding the challenges and opportunities that we face, we can begin to implement the changes needed to slow and reverse nature loss. This could include:

  • Advising on how the financial sector can invest to ensure that nature is considered and prioritised
  • Generating new revenue streams that actively renew degraded ecosystems and support local communities
  • Supporting governments in raising and regulating finance to fund conservation and tackle the biodiversity crisis in their countries.

Bridget works within in the Sustainable Finance Team to support institutions and develop these solutions across this broad range of areas.  Through engagement with the financial sector the team provides science backed analysis for corporate strategies and leads the way in developing high integrity projects that can scale conservation through impact-based investments.