PhD Student
Carnivore conservation
Human wildlife conflict
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Institute of Zoology
Zoological Society of London

Exploring human-wildlife interactions towards conservation of large mammals in Scandinavia.

Large carnivores play a role in shaping the structure and function of ecological communities. The return of large carnivores to European landscapes, subject to anthropogenic perturbation, creates novel conditions which may alter species interactions. The exact nature of such relationships within humanized landscapes, is ambiguous, due to the inherently complex nature of biotic interactions and the various constraints associated with researching large, free-ranging mammals.

Beth's PhD thesis aims to explore how species interactions manifest within human dominated landscapes in Scandinavia. The results will have applications for the management and conservation of large mammals within altered environments. 

Professional history

University of Birmingham – BSc Geography 
University College London – Aquatic Conservation, Ecology & Restoration
Ecological Consultant – Middlemarch Environmental Ltd
Surrey Project Officer – Freshwater Habitats Trust