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ZSL Library and Archives
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ZSL Library & Archives
The Zoological Society of London
Regent's Park
London NW1 4RY


Librarian responsible for ZSL's Prince Philip Zoological Library & Archives.

We use our amazing collections to inform and inspire. Collections include books both modern and historic, journals, ZSL Archives (administrative records of ZSL), 'zoophemera', art works, historic photographs.

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ZSL's Prince Philip Zoological Library & Archives contains a unique collection of resources to inform and inspire people and to support their interests in animals and their conservation.

ZSL's Prince Philip Zoological Library & Archives:

  1. Enhances and supports research and lifelong learning through access to unparalleled resources on zoology and animal conservation
  2. Celebrate and share ZSL’s history and cultural heritage through public engagement, events and storytelling
  3. Inspire and inform new, diverse, and existing audiences about animals and their conservation
  4. Preserve and curate ZSL’s organisational memory to protect and advance zoological knowledge for future generations
  5. Foster active collaboration across the ZSL community, through our vibrant learning and working space