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Ana has been part of the Our Sea Our Life programme since 2017. In northern Mozambique, climate change, overfishing, unsustainable fishing practices in coastal areas have taken their toll on local marine resources, threatening the stability of ecosystems, food security and livelihoods. We work with vulnerable communities to manage local fisheries, using nature-based solutions.

With a passion for marine conservation, Ana has been delving into the intricate social dimensions of conservation challenges, ensuring that Our Sea Our Life not only preserves the local marine ecosystems in northern Mozambique but also promotes equitable and sustainable livelihoods and thriving communities.

Our work aims to improve the resilience of coastal ecosystems and community well-being by supporting community fishers' councils to manage marine areas. We also develop sustainable financing mechanisms, and support Village Savings and Loan Associations to invest in alternative small-scale businesses to secure a diversity of income.

Ana Pinto working with partners in Mozambique
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