Document supply and copying services

ZSL Library provides a copying service for non-commercial purposes. All copying must comply with the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, i.e. you may only copy one article from any journal issue or one chapter or five per cent of any book


Self-service scanning

The Library provides a colour book scanner that creates pdf files. To use the scanner, Library users can purchase a memory stick from Library staff for £4.00, or are welcome to bring their own.  Library visitors may also use personal cameras or phones to take photographs of pages of books and journals, providing they adhere to copyright regulations and that the flash is turned off.


Remote scanning service

ZSL Library also offers a remote scanning service for users who cannot visit the Library. The charge for this service is 30 pence per page; although there is a minimum charge of £5.00 (the minimum charge is not applicable to ZSL Fellows)

To request scans, please email or call us on 020 7449 6293 and provide full bibliographic details of items you are requesting. If the item is available we will send you a copyright declaration form, and once returned to us the scans will be sent shortly after with details of payment methods.


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