About the Project Ocean partnership

Project Ocean is a long-term partnership between ZSL and Selfridges, bringing ocean conservation issues to a new audience and creating change through retail activism. 

How it all began

The information around marine conservation hasn't always been clear, accessible or communicated successfully to wide audiences. With this in mind, back in 2011, ZSL teamed up with luxury department store, Selfridges and created ‘Project Ocean’, a long-term partnership with a mission to take ocean conservation issues to brand new audiences and help protect and restore the ocean.

Together, we’re working to make a positive difference to the health of the ocean by changing consumer buying habits and communicating solutions to the threats our ocean faces in constructive, compelling, and inspiring ways. 

Partnership highlights so far

  • As a retail activist, Selfridges leads Project Ocean by example, ensuring its food halls and restaurants do not serve endangered fish and that its beauty halls are 100% free from shark oil and shark by-products. 

      Selfridges Project Ocean

  • In its first year, Project Ocean reached over 20 million people and raised enough funding to create the 50-hectare community-managed Selfridges marine reserve in the Philippines, which Selfridges continues to support.

      Selfridges MPA in Philippines

      Selfridges Project Ocean Window display

  • In 2015, Project Ocean turned to the issue of ocean plastic pollution, with Selfridges taking action to remove single-use plastic water bottles from across the business. The following year, inspired by the success of this initiative, ZSL and partners launched the #OneLess campaign to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles across London. Selfridges continues to be a pioneer in the #OneLess movement to this day.

      Selfridges beach clean​​​

Project Ocean’s two key messages

  • Vote with your fork – make sustainable seafood choices

  • Support the creation of marine protected areas (MPAs)