Become a Wildlife Champion

Become a Wildlife Champion

Become a Wildlife Champion!

Around the world wildlife is fighting for survival, facing threats such as climate change, habitat loss, illegal wildlife trade and conflict with humans. 

ZSL is working for wildlife, protecting and preserving animals and their habitats in over 70 countries. Join our Champion community and you too and ensure a future for wildlife.

Areas you can Champion:

Animals Under Threat 

Champion animals like the pangolin, which are most at risk of extinction. 

Become a Wildlife Champion

Technology for Conservation

Be at the forefront of a tech revolution and help us find new solution to global problems. 

Become a Conservation Technology Champion


Become A Wildlife Champion

  • Choose the area of our work you wish to support. 
  • Choose how much you want to give, from just £3 a month. 
  • Receive your champions welcome pack and a host of benefits!   

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Champions will receive regular updates on their chosen area, advance notice of special events and our Wild About magazine 3 times a year!

Support the fight against extinction!

Become an Animals Under Threat Champion

Poaching, habitat loss and illegal wildlife trade are pushing wildlife to the very edge. We are losing amazing animals such as pangolins and rhinos, which are hunted and traded in their millions. 

We won’t give up on wildlife and you too can help us protect threatened animals like the pangolin. 

What you will be supporting:

  • Identifying those species most at risk and setting priorities for actions. 
  • Protecting habitats. Such as our sustainable management plans which have been produced for some of the world’s richest marine habitats (Pitcairn, Chagos).  
  • Funding anti-poaching ranger teams. Which help to protect animals while providing an important livelihood for local communities. 
  • Rehabilitation of seized illegally traded animals. Check out how ZSL Edge Fellows have already been involved in the release of seized pangolins.
  • When appropriate, the breeding and release of those animals most at risk. Such as Mountain Chicken Frogs
  • Education. In the case of pangolins especially we must halt the demand for their meat through better global awareness. 

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You will receive a Champion pack, which includes project case studies, tips for championing wildlife every day, badges, postcards and a fold-up pangolin friend!

You will also receive  a ZSL Wild About magazine three times a year and regular email updates on your chosen area. 


Male African lion at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Become a Wildlife Champion

Join our champion community and help us work for wildlife.

The Most Illegally Traded Mammal

Pangolin on a tree hugging a branch.

Say hello to pangolins, a prehistoric mammal with scales which is fighting for its survival. 

Each year approximately 100,000 pangolins are trafficked to China or Vietnam, where their meat is considered a delicacy and their body parts are used in traditional medicine. 

ZSL is championing pangolins through on-the ground conservation work and raising awareness to combat the demand for their body parts. 



Help us lead a tech revolution for wildlife!

Become a Wildlife Champion

Global wildlife is in decline and new solutions are needed to combat threats such as climate change and recent increases in illegal wildlife trade. 

From satellite controlled cameras to new software for the reporting of illegal wildlife trade, technology can help protect the future of our natural world. 

What you will be supporting:

  • Satellite controlled cameras. These cameras automatically take images of approaching wild animals and ping the results back via satellite. Through them our staff can continue to study the most remote places on earth, from Antarctica to the Namibian deserts. 
  • Animal tracking devices. Radio collars and tracking devices help us to understand animal behaviour and movement. Recent work has seen us tag sharks off the coast of Chagos! 
  • Anti-poaching reporting and monitoring systems.  A combination of software and online materials that can help local conservationists stay one step ahead of poachers.  
  • Whitespaces for Wildlife. We are currently testing the possibility of using TV Whitespaces (TVWS), unused channels in the broadcast TV spectrum, to stream live footage of wildlife at low cost.
  • Underwater remote controlled cameras. Our aquarium at London Zoo provides the perfect opportunity to test cameras that can really help us reach new frontiers – oceans and groundwater networks. 

Sign-up now from just £3 a month. 

You will receive a Champion pack, which includes project case studies, tips for championing wildlife every day, badges, postcards and a fold-up penguin friend!

You will also receive a ZSL Wild About magazine three times a year and regular email updates on your chosen area. 

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Penguin on ice


Join our champion community to help develop cutting-edge technology that will make a real difference for wildlife...


Elephants are caught on an Instant Wild camera

At the forefront of Conservation Technology is our Instant Wild project.

Images from our global network cameras are essential to understanding species’ habitats, distribution and behaviour.

Traditionally these cameras have relied on mobile networks to send images back, or even physical collection of the film; methods which have proven difficult in places which are hard to access year-round or have limited GSM coverage.

Our satellite enabled cameras, however, are providing real-time transmission of wildlife images and data from a global network of cameras in four continents.

Our Instant Wild iPhone app and website then displays our live images and gives the public the chance to view and identify species.