Banggai Cardinalfish

Scientific name 
Pterapogon kauderni
Banggai Cardinalfish

What it looks like: The Banggai Cardinalfish has eight dorsal spines and a deeply forked tail fin. It is a distinctive black and white colour, with black bars running down its body and white dots along the edges of its fins. The can reach up to 80mm long.

Animal facts:

  • The male fish look after the eggs in their mouths. They spit them out when they get too big.

What they eat: Mainly small crustaceans known as copepods but also plankton.

Habitat: The Banggai Cardinalfish are mainly found in shallow sheltered bays and harbours, mainly on silty reef flats with sandy bottoms and sea grass beds.

Where they live: The Banggai Archipelago, which lies in the Banggai-Sula platform in eastern Indonesia.