Smoking policy

At ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, we pride ourselves on an excellent experience for all of our visitors and the exceptional care of our animals. It is important that all our visitors enjoy a great day out in comfort and as such we would prefer you not to smoke or vape whilst at our Zoos. However, if you do need to smoke or vape, please follow the guidance below.

In line with UK legislation, smoking is completely prohibited in all indoor and covered spaces in the Zoos. In addition to this we also prohibit smoking and vaping outside of any spaces specifically designated for that purpose.

Designated smoking and vaping areas for visitors can be found on the Zoo map or can be found by asking a Zoo staff member or volunteer.

Whilst using the designated areas, we respectfully ask smokers to be sensitive to other visitors and ensure, at all times, that their smoke does not create a nuisance for others nearby.

Ashtrays are provided on bins in the designated smoking areas and we kindly ask smokers to ensure that they are used for disposal of all smoking related waste. 

Please note that we treat ‘e-cigarettes’ in the same way as tobacco based products so the same rules and restrictions apply.