Hullabazoo Indoor Play

Hullabazoo Indoor Play is closed for now. We'll update you as soon as it's able to reopen

Trevor and Tulip with a child


At the centre of ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is Hullabazoo - a special area dedicated to entertaining your little creatures! Hullabazoo is made up of Hullabazoo Farm, Hullabazoo Indoor Play and Hullabazoo Adventure Play. 


Hullabazoo Farm

Hullabazoo Farm is an interactive, up-close adventure, where little ones will be able to meet and greet a whole host of farmyard friends.

Find out more about Hullabazoo Farm


Hullabazoo Indoor Play - Closed

Each element of Hullabazoo Indoor Play is designed around different habitats enabling your children to have fun and mimic their favourite animals. You’ll be able to watch your little ones crawl through the garden, climb like an insect or journey through the Antarctic to become a penguin sliding down the ice.


Hullabazoo Adventure Play - Closed

We will be transforming our Outdoor play area with an exciting new play offering in time for Spring 2021. We will keep you updated throughout the development. 

Find out more about Hullabazoo Adventure Play

Pygmy goats at the new hullabazoo farm!

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Mums in the know - Best Soft Play 2015


See videos of Hullabazoo indoor play, adventure play and farm!

Miniature donkeys Trevor and Tulip at the Hullabazoo Farm at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

They may be small in size but they have massive personalities!

Child playing on Hullabazoo Adventure PlayOur brand new outdoor play area will be opening this spring!

We can't wait for your little explorers to enjoy our new outdoor play adventure. 

It’s time to let their imaginations run wild and discover over 7,800 square metres of themed play area, including bridges, swings, climbing frames, sit-on crocodiles, tunnels, boats, mini safari jeeps and so much more. 

Hullabazoo outdoor play will open to the public on Friday 30 April - but Gold Members, Fellows and Patrons will be able to get a sneak peek from Friday 23 April while we are adding the finishing touches.

The playground is included with Zoo entry, although time slots and onsite pre-booking will be necessary during peak times and the preview week, so we can keep everyone safe.

When does the playground open?

The new outdoor playground at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo will open for Fellows, Patrons and Gold members to preview from Friday 23 April while we are adding the finishing touches. Please note, onsite booking will be in place during the previews. 

The playground will open to all visitors on Friday 30 April

Do I have to book the playground?

Due to the current COVID restrictions, tickets do need to be booked in advance, and we are limiting the number of children in the playground to 50 during the preview and 80 from 30 April. This number does not include the supervising adults (all children need at least one supervising adult with them to enter the playground). You can pick up a ticket at our Playground pop up tent at the main entrance (just next to the lemur walkthrough entrance). You will get a specific time ticket which you need to hand in at the entrance to the playground at your designated time slot. 

Do I have to pay for the playground? 

No, admission to the outdoor play is included in your ticket/membership. 

How long are the time slots?

The time slots are 45 minutes. The playground will be cleared at the end of each slot to allow for the next group to use the play area. Please leave the playground at the end of your slot by the train exit. 

Where do I queue to get into the playground? 

For the preview slots, entrance and exit will be via the Station Store side of the playground. For general opening, the entrance for the playground will be opposite the Butterfly house/arena, from the main lawn. No access to the playground from the Farm, Train, or Tiger area will be permitted. Exit will be to Station Store end. Please ask a member of staff if you are unsure and they'll be happy to help. 

What happens if I am late to my time slot? 

You can enter the play area anytime during your time slot but you will be asked to leave the area at the end of your time slot, no matter what time you entered. 

Will I always have to get a slot?

No, we are only operating this during our busy periods and while Covid restrictions are in place. When social distancing rules are relaxed, or if we are very quiet on site, we will not be operating a ticketed approach. 

What can I do if there are no more timeslots available when I arrive? 

Unfortunately, at the moment we are having to restrict numbers in the play area to ensure the Playground is operated safely alongside our Covid secure site. We will not be able to allow additional people into the playground if we have reached capacity for the timeslot. During quieter times and when restrictions ease further, we will remove the time/capacity on the playground. 

Do members have to book?

While onsite booking is in required, Patrons, Fellows and Gold members are able to access the playground exclusively for the first and last slot each day (10.30 - 11.15 & 4.30 - 5.15pm) on a first-come first-serve basis, but will still need a Playground ticket. They will need to show their Patronage, Fellowship or Gold membership card at the pop up tent to get a ticket before going to the playground.

Please note, the first and last slots of the day reserved for Gold Members, Fellows and Patrons will only be available while onsite pre-booking is in place. All slots will be reserved for Patrons, Fellows and Gold Members during the preview week.

What times are the slots available?

10.30 - 11.15 (Gold members, Patrons and Fellows only); 11.30 - 12.15; 12.30 - 1.15; 1.30 - 2.15; 2.30 - 3.15; 3.30 - 4.15; 4.30 - 5.15  (Gold members, Patrons and Fellows only). 

Please note, the first and last slots of the day reserved for Gold Members, Fellows and Patrons will only be available while pre-booking is in place. 

Can I get tickets for more than one time slot? 

As we want as many people to experience our new playground as possible each day, we are limiting tickets to one slot. When Covid restrictions are reduced further and on quieter days, there will be no time limits. 

What age group is the playground for? 

This new playground is designed for children from 0-13 years of age. We have worked with an amazing play company to design a challenging play area – if your child is unable to climb onto a piece of the equipment themselves, then it is a bit too old for them. There are lots of different areas to explore, and lots for all ages. 

What kind of play is to be expected/is there play equipment for children with additional needs?

We have a huge array of sensory and physical play to delight children, including - for the first time - both water and sand play. We also have a first in the UK, a ZSL Jeep that you can climb up to. There are swings, slides, a zip wire, sound, balance, climb and chill out areas.

We have designed this equipment so that children of all abilities will be able to access the play. For families with additional physical needs we have installed the following accessible play equipment: slide, nest swing, music, sand, water and roundabout. There are also accessible picnic benches.

All of the play equipment is accessed via wet pour and there are no steps to access the play area. There are also sensory elements throughout the play equipment including wooden animals. Chill out areas and quiet spots have also been incorporated into the play design. 

Hulabazoo indoor play is closed for now. We'll update you when we're able to reopen.

Each element of Hullabazoo is designed around different habitats enabling your children to have fun and mimic their favourite animals. You’ll be able to watch your little ones crawl through the garden, climb like an insect or journey through the Antarctic to become a penguin sliding down the ice.

Hullabazoo indoor play is located at the Children’s Farm (in the heart of the Zoo) and is suitable for children up to 10 years of age. 

We had previously introduced a number of measures in line with Government guidelines regarding Covid-19 to ensure that as many children as possible had a safe and enjoyable visit to Hullabazoo Indoor Play. It is likely these will still be in place when we reopen. These include:

  • Everyone over the age of 11 is required to wear a mask at all times inside Hullabazoo Inddor Play.
  • Strictly limiting the number of people allowed inside the buidling to allow for social distancing.
  • Reducing our play slots to 30 minutes to allow for adequate cleaning between sessions.
  • Only allowing a maximum group size of 6 people with a maximum of 2 adults per group. (For families of more than 6 please email for details of how to book)
  • Visitors can only book 1 play session per day and can not attend consecutive sessions
  • Encouraging visitors to participate in the NHS Test and Trace programme by scanning the unique Hullabazoo Indoor Play QR code using the NHD Covid-19 app.
  • Last entry to the zoo is 4pm until 24th October and 3pm from 25th October onwards. Please make sure you have entered the zoo prior to these times.

To maintain safe standards of play we introduced a 3 step cleaning process.

  • Between sessions we will carry out a clean of Hullabazoo 
  • We have introduced new cleaning solutions desgined to be long lasting and effective
  • Using testing kits, we will regularly check surfaces to ensure these measures are effective


Watch the video below to see our cleaning in action!


Hullabazoo Indoor Play terms of entry

  • Guardians are responsible for the supervision of all children in their care at all times.
  • We provide members of staff who are first aid trained, any children who suffer from sickness, diarrhoea or contagious conditions will not be allowed within Hullabazoo Indoor Play.
  • All customers must remove their shoes before playing and for hygiene reasons MUST wear socks, underwear and appropriate clothing.
  •  Age restrictions are necessary for the safe use of equipment; children must play in the age appropriate area (baby garden 18mth - 3yrs, junior play frame for 4-10 yrs.). Maximum age on the equipment is age 10.
  • Timed sessions apply, customers may not book consecutive sessions.
  • Only food and drink purchased in Hullabazoo may be consumed on the premises.
  • Photography must be restricted to your own children only, and we ask you do not stand at the bottom of the slide to take photos, management may ask to see photos if a complaint is made.
  • No Buggies/scooters/bikes etc in Hullabazoo Indoor Play.
  • Fighting or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated; guilty parties may be asked to leave.
  • We advise that children wear long sleeves and trousers without any ropes or cords, remove objects from pockets and leave personal items with a guardian; we cannot accept any liability for losses or thefts.
  • All customers must abide by all written and verbal instructions from staff.
  • We do not tolerate any form of abuse towards staff.  Management retains the right to refuse entry.

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With so much to see and do, a visit to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is the perfect day out in Bedfordshire for people of all ages.

Our Visitor Information page has all the information you need to plan your day.


Mums in the know - Best Soft Play 2015

Trevor and Tulip with a childHullabazoo Farm is an interactive, up-close adventure, where little ones will be able to meet and greet a whole host of farmyard friends.

Some of the many animals you can meet on the farm include, miniature donkeys, Trevor and Tulip, a family of pygmy goats, Gloucester old spot pigs and piglets, sheep and lambs, bunnies, guinea pigs, ferrets and cute newly-hatched chicks.

Every element of the farm has been specially designed to enable visitors to get closer to the animals than ever before. Visitors to Hullabazoo Farm will be able to explore the pygmy goat walk-through and join in with daily interactive talks and activities, including hands-on mini keeper sessions, animal handling, and storytelling, with keepers on hand to answer all of their farmyard questions.

Although Hullabazoo Indoor Play has safely reopened, due to current Covid 19 restrictions we are unable to offer Private Hire at the current time.


Looking for the perfect children's birthday party venue? Ever wanted to have Hullabazoo Indoor Play exclusively for your little ones and their friends? Well now is your chance. 

Hullabazoo is available for Private Hire on most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays all year round. Please check dates that are available by pressing the book now button.

Please be aware that private hire of the venue is extremely popular and we would recommend booking well in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Hullabazoo indoor play

The private hire includes:

  • Two hours exclusive use of Hullabazoo Indoor Play (3pm-5pm during off-peak season and 4pm-6pm during peak season).
  • Access for up to 60 children (this does include siblings, total of 150 people including adults). Children must be aged 10 years and below to go on the equipment. 
  • Unlimited squash for the children (up to 60 compostable cups provided for the children, in relation to the number of children you have invited to your party, one cup per child, we do not provide cups for adult guests). 
  • Parking outside Hullabazoo Indoor Play.
  • Access to the Zoo 30 minutes prior to the session for the party organiser to set up.
  • Access to the Zoo 15 minutes prior to the session for party guests.
  • Entry into Whipsnade Zoo is for access to Hullabazoo Indoor Play only; for the duration of the party guests must remain in Hullabazoo Indoor Play. Guests are not permitted to use any other Zoo facilities except for Hullabazoo Indoor Play. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Do members get discount off Hullabazoo Private Hire?

Gold members will receive 10% off the current Private Hire price. For current pricing of Hullabazoo Private Hire please speak to a member of staff.

Can I spend the day in the Zoo before my Private Hire Session?

Our private hire bookings do not include entry into ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. The host of the party can access the Zoo 30 minutes before the beginning of the session to allow time to set up in Hullabazoo Indoor Play. Party guests will be able to access the Zoo 15 minutes before the start of the session. If you wish to spend the day in the Zoo before your private hire session, tickets can be purchased online.

How many children can I bring and what are the age restrictions?

The maximum number of children that you can bring is 60, although the total number of people including adults must not exceed 150. Children must be aged 10 years or below to access the equipment in Hullabazoo Indoor Play. Maxium number of children does include siblings.

Will I have exclusive use of Hullabazoo including the facilities during my Private Hire?

You will have the full and exclusive use of the Hullabazoo play frame, seating area and facilities. During your private hire time other customers will have access to the café but there will be no access through to the Hullabazoo seating area, play frame or toilets. Other toilets are available round the Zoo for customers to use however your guests will have the whole of Hullabazoo exclusively for them. 

Is there a first aider available?

They will be one first aid trained member of staff on hand throughout your party.

What do I need to bring with me?

An email will be sent to you before your party outlining what you need to bring and will also be listed on your Private Hire agreement however unlimited squash for the children will be provided (up to 60 compostible cups provided for the children, in relation to the number of children you have invited to your party, one cup per child, we do not provide cups for adult guests). We do not provide cutlery, cake knife, serviettes, plates, cups for adults etc. 

How will it be set out?

We will lay your Private Hire out in buffet style. This means one long table in the middle of the area. If you wish to rearrange it all we ask is that you place it back the way you found it at the end of your hire time. 

Will there be a host?

There will be members of the Hullabazoo team here to supervise the building, however please be aware that the supervision of children and tidying up following the party is the responsibility of the adults who have booked the private hire session. We do ask that you leave Hullabazoo in the same standard as you found it.

Are we allowed to bring a birthday cake and can we bring candles?

You are more than welcome to bring a birthday cake with you for your birthday party and you may also light candles for the cake as long as it is not an excessive amount.

Can I bring a guest who has additional needs?

Yes, we welcome all children in the Hullabazoo Indoor Play. Do let us know if you are planning on bringing along a child with additional needs by phoning 0344 225 1826 and we will do all we can to ensure that their needs are met wherever possible.

Where can we park?

All of those attending the party can drive into the Zoo and will be directed to our Hullabazoo car park.

Please email us at or call 0344 225 1826.

Do we have to sign an agreement?

Please make sure you have read our Private Hire Agreement before booking. This can be viewed on this page.

Private Hire Agreement

Please make sure you have read our Private Hire Agreement before booking. You will be sent a copy of this to sign and return after you have made your booking and paid in full.

PDF icon Hullabazoo Private Hire Agreement (80.62 KB)


We also have downloadable invites for you to use for your guests

PDF icon Hullabazoo invite (Green version).pdf (10.99 MB) (10.99 MB)

PDF icon Hullabazoo invite (Red version) .pdf (11.37 MB) (11.37 MB)