Tiny Trotters

Zookeepers at the UK’s largest zoo celebrated a bumper Easter weekend with the birth of five wild boar piglets. 

Resembling a wriggling bundle of mint humbugs, the piglets were born to wild boar parents Wilma and Otis at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire. 

Zookeeper Gracie Gee, who captured the footage of the piglets with mum and dad said: “Wilma has taken motherhood in her stride, but dad Otis seems a bit more overwhelmed by the arrival of five little ones – his plans for a relaxing bank holiday weekend went straight out of the window. 

“We’re excited to see them develop – currently weighing just 1kg, they’ve got a lot of growing to do – a fully grown adult male can weigh up to 100kg!

“The piglets are a really welcome new arrival to Whipsnade and a nice boost for us keepers who are still working hard while the zoos are closed to the public.” 

Born with black stripes down their backs, the infants will lose the stripes as they get older and develop the all-over dark fur of their parents.

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo might be closed to the public, but life goes on for the animals and their dedicated zookeepers. Part of international conservation charity ZSL, Whipsnade has launched an appeal to help fund their work while there is no income from visitors. 

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